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  1. Would like to change mine to Koizo if possible. This one's pretty old. Thanks!
  2. So when are you planning to release this? I've been listening to it sometime now and I even forgot it's still WIP!
  3. I'd love a remix of this one: Buoy Base Galaxy: One of the 2-Star galaxies, this galaxy deserved to be one of the main due to its great theme song. They could've used it in the Dreadnought Galaxy, instead of Battlerock's, but that one wasn't bad either. A trance/techno remix could sound well with this one. Making extensive use of the build-up, theremin parts and that 1:35:1:41 part. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsAFpdAgh6A
  4. Loved this remix and the use of the Lemmings voices! Brings nice memories from playing Lemmings. Now all we need is a Worms Remix! Maybe for your next project?
  5. This is one of my favourite songs from Sonic Adventure and I think you did a great job in adding lyrics to it. I'm not too much into the musical technical terms and vocabulary but here's what I think: Although I think in terms of the background melody it needs some more punch as someone already mentioned. Maybe something more similar to the sound effect used in the original. You could even add a part of the original song to the intro, I always love that, a transition from original to remix or a remix with small samples of the original here and there. Also when changing from the different part of melody you could perhaps make use of the rewind sound effect in the original? It plays at 1:06 or so in the original. I also would love to hear the 1:06-1:38 section of the original to be played more than once, maybe 1 time in middle and another where it plays now. But I guess since it goes into a part that looks like a conclusion I guess perhaps it'll only really fit at the end.
  6. Love the beats in this song. They remind me me of the sound made by a heart beating (mostly at 02:51-02:55), so it really even fits the song's title like a glove!
  7. Ditto. I remember walking around the boss room after I've defeated him instead of picking up the piece of the Fused Shadow, just to listen to the song. Also good job on the remix! My fav TLP remix so far!
  8. I've been lurking OCRemix since 2007, but only joined this year. McVaffe has himself a new fan. I've always enjoyed asian style music, and this song kind of reminded me of Shenmue, one of my favourite adventure games and one of a kind to me, just like Okami. I have yet to play Okami though, I don't have a PS2 but I do have a Wii, and I'm eagerly awaiting it's realase, which souldn't take long from now on. This remix is one of a kind, just like the game from where it comes from and so it fits perfectly. Thanks liontamer for sending this message to our e-mails! It sure has been worth the time!
  9. Thank you! Very cool remix ^^. I found the clip in YTMND while searching in Google for: "oil ocean remix" ocremix. I believe this is the link: http://ytmnd.com/sites/profile/224803. Even though he didn't refer the source of sound in the video details he does in the video comments, so that's how I got its name. Thanks once more! This should be in OCRemix by the way
  10. I've just heard the loop of this cool remix used elsewhere, but it was just 30 seconds.. Anywhere where I could get the full version? Thanks!
  11. I've got the name of the Zelda one - The Legend of Zelda - Theme (Dance Remix), if anyone is interested. The other I still don't know. Must be from some Nintendo game or something.
  12. Hey I've heard these 2 songs in game videos, in which the author doesn't state the source of them and even when I ask doesn't answer, so I'd thought this would be a good place to ask : This one is a Zelda Remix, maybe it's somewhere here in OCRemix? I haven't found it though, here's a video where it is used, it's the first song that plays right at the beginning, It says the video is no longer available, but it is! You have to click the orange link, not the play button: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR7SmNY0tXc This one seems to be a song from some retro game that I can't remember the name, here's a sample I recorded from a video games TV show here in Portugal. I sent the guys from the show a question of which game it's from, since it sounds familiar to me, but they don't answer. Don't mind the guy talking over the music: Listen. Thanks!
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