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Suggestion: best of both worlds


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Here's my idea on a revised Judging platform that would speed up the rate of approvals on good mixes, involve the community more, and lighten the judges' load a little bit, while still keeping the existing methods and quality control in place.

1) Remixers Submit to a Web Form hooked up to a database

2) The results are displayed from the database in a Community Vote Form

-Any OCR user can vote Yes or No

Voting would start on the date of submission and close after a month

3) The results are emailed to the Judges inbox by the database after the month-long vote closes

-All emails will be tagged in the subject line with the Community Vote decision, so they can be put into separate folders (queues) in the inbox

-The artist would also get an email with the results and comments from the popular vote

-70% or more Yes Community votes would be worked first by Judges. These are probably good mixes and should be put on the site as soon as possible since that's the point of the site and it encourages good mixers to submit

-No community votes, or less than X votes would be worked next, as it's not sure if the mix is good or bad

-less than 70% popular votes would be worked last, as a sort of "Veto" power to the community. These mixes probably need more work before getting on the site. the artist has already received feedback from the community, so he can go ahead and work on it more. the judges can add additional comments or agree with the popular vote when emailing the remixer, or they can post it against the community vote.

If you like the idea I could perhaps make you a working mockup and send you the code to build into OCR. I do use ASP.net though.

I could host it on my own site, but it would be better to hook it up the OCR forum user database so you can prevent double voting and crap like that. But I make these forms all day at work and they are very simple to do.

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For the database component, if he didn't develop it himself, djpretzel would need to spec out how he'd want it developed in PHPMaker. That's above my pay grade (of $0), but it'd be nice to have a framework to start with so that someone else could develop it, since a more automated submission process has been something we've talked about for years (not just the notion of it, but also discussion of the functionality). It's basically something we'd need for the Workshop, and we're hoping to use the Patreon support to fund that kind of coding work.

Re: community input, we're not going to institute community voting, even as a filter or in an advisory role. It doesn't work for this process. In the Workshop, I've seen instances where people go "Oh, I dunno, they'd probably reject this." or "They'd pass this for sure." and people are wrong about that. I'd like to avoid false hope or uniformed discouragement.

Plus, the main reason why community voting doesn't work is because of nostalgia and genre bias. If a track sounds good on some level, or trigger positive nostalgia, someone will want it posted as an OC ReMix even if the arrangement or production doesn't meet the bar.

And if someone submits a less appreciated genre at OCR like dubstep, metal, rap, something with vocals, or something with purposeful distortion, that 70% rating you're putting out there would never get met. We already have "community voting" and it doesn't mean a thing to me. This approved ReMix has 93 thumbs up, 110 thumbs down on YouTube. I get that you're saying a community vote would just be guidance, but if it doesn't help us answer the question of whether it fits our standards, and it just has people disliking the genre or premise of the arrangement, it's not guidance, it's chatter and noise. :-)

Even if we tried our best to steer people to vote with the standards in mind, popular voting isn't about whether a track fits the standards, it's just a popularity contest. We already know how popularity contests work as far as OC ReMixes; it just tilts to popular games & genres at the expense of more obscure ones, and that's not useful for us. Believe me, I wish it was different.

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