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Adventures of Link - Palace Theme Remix

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No fancy name for this one yet. Made this on a whim thinking I'd warm up FL Studio and see about another Zelda remix using a lot of the same instruments/effects I'd worked out in my Stone Palindrome remix. I kept myself from posting this for a while wondering if I'd revisit it with any epiphanies I might have and it's sat gathering dust for a little while until now.

Nothing crazy with the track, I don't think- It's mostly the Palace Theme with little altered snips of other common Zelda themes thrown in for flavor (ALttP Hyrule Castle Theme, Zelda Main Theme).

Typically I've struggled with drum variation (Drums, in general), instrument transitions, and balancing the volume of different instruments among other things I could probably name if I sat and analyzed it long enough. I didn't approach this song as seriously I think, but it came out easier than I expected and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

You can find the track via my Soundcloud here.

Original track found

(as featured in Smash Bros).

Also includes references to Zelda's Main Theme (

), A Link to the Past's
, NES Zelda's
, the bass line of Majora's Mask's
, and if you want to stretch it a fair bit a short bass piece that's was meant to reference
theme from Ocarina of Time (Though only in the sense that it mimics the climb of the notes).

Thanks in advance to those who may take the time to listen and leave any comments, it's all very much appreciated- Even if it's not up to part to make the site the feedback is well worth it. This was all composed in FL Studio with plugins and instrument packs that I hope aren't too incredibly recognizable.

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It's been a while. I tweaked the track a while ago and let it sit for a bit to see if I thought of anything else to change, like before- Likewise I'm now going to post the update since it's had enough time to sit around being unheard.

Took the advice of cutting the fadeout and instead throw in a splash of the NES Dungeon Theme as a closing melody and spiced up the drums in a few places. Also transposed the whole track down a bit since it makes it a little easier to listen to I think.

Anyone have further criticism? It's a little bit long but I'm considering submitting this one to the judges to see what they think. Even if it's nitpicky I'd like to hear it, I don't expect the judges to be merciful as I don't have any experience with more professional methods of music-making and I'm sure there's some run-of-the-mill technical stuff I could probably do to clean up the track and make it clearer that I don't have the language to define or identify.

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Not a big fan of the synth design in the intro, but the other sounds there are fine. 0:37, something's iffy about the instrumentation, either its not fake enough, or its too fake.

It finds itself in a slightly middle-eastern sound. the only problem I have with it around 2:00 is that it's kept essentially the same rhythm throughout. Though that gets broken up shortly thereafter, an easrlier rhythm variation or break or something might make it feel less reptitive.

The break around 2:40 seems like it could be, at least for the first notes, more... broken, breaky. Dynamics. Not sure that'll fit your idea for the track, but it's something I advise you to consider.

3:20, getting repetitive again. You're relying a lot on the same elements, and they're getting old. 3:40, finally a properly new part.

5:04, I've lost interest. Sound-wise, it's not bad, although it could use more high-frequency rhythm content. Consider cymbals, tambourine, and shakers. There might be some stuff in there, but it's buried quite far in the mix.

Ending on the NES source. Nice choice. Source usage isn't a problem imo, nor is interpretation. There's stuff everywhere, appropriately adapted.

The main problem I hear is the repetition and the length, two problem that are both solved by the terrible prospect of cutting out some length. I think that there's stuff in the 0:36-2:00 part that could be cut.

I'm not saying this can't work at this length, but it'd need either a stronger groove, or more dynamics. Figuring out how to do that when you're too close to the arrangement is tricky, so I recommend cutting unnecessary repetition, possibly some of the really cool transitions and things along with them if necessary.

The lack of a strong bassline or beat makes it easier to get lost in the track. On one hand, this can be a good thing, for more floating-vibed things. But for a track like this, I don't think it works. Not at this length.

Length/repetition, some sound design, some lack of dynamics. These are, fortunately, among the better problems to have, the ones that are more easily solved than problems with the interpretation or big production problems.

Nice work.

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I figured if one thing would be a fundamental issue it would be length- My tracks don't usually draw out this long, and as variation has always been a challenge for me it makes sense that it would only compound the issue. I could probably shrink down a bit in a few different sections to help refine/condense the track.

Considering your critique I could probably encourage a lot of the changes you suggest by breaking up the main arpeggio that tends to underlie most parts of the track and modifying the the melody to suit it.

I do agree that the track wouldn't work as something more "floaty", the instruments are too strong in most areas. Thanks a lot, though! I'll be sure to post when I've got something new to show for it, I appreciate the feedback.

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