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Mega Man 3-Gemini Man


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I know there was like one remix for this song back in 2002 or something (similar to Dive Man), but unless there's something I overlooked on ThaSauce, there has been no remixes for this track. I know it may not be the most popular song in the game, but if "The Megas" were able to turn the song into some detective story (http://themegas.bandcamp.com/track/gemineye)

Surely, you guys here at OCR can easily top it. You've beaten several of my Mega Faves. Tracks like "Wily's Inferno" (WillRock, Nutritious) and "Acid Flashbacks" (PsyNES,Elrinth) and "Coiled Copper Wire" (Level 99) were easy to get acquainted with for being so unique.

So how about it? Give Gemini a chance, he's like one of the only Robot Masters who could make a doppleganger of himself. XD

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Main Finger chose him for the WCRG 2011.

This one is offline, but Bundeslang should still have it somewhere.


I should check the Request Forum more often.


I only have a few Gemini mixes. Posu Yan and McVaffe did an Ocremix of it.


But a few doesn't mean nothing:




(the version mentioned byMindWanderer)



(some instrument changes)


Disco Dan



Kryojenik Stasis, Rushjet1 and Woundr3kind also did some mixes, which I can upload if you want.

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