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FF7 Gold Saucer for Organ

Should I try and submit this, continue working on it, or scrap it?  

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  1. 1. Should I try and submit this, continue working on it, or scrap it?

    • Submit it!
    • Keep working on it...
    • It would need a lot more work.
    • It's junk! Scrap it!

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Wow, this is really well done, I love the arrangement. It really suits the organ i think, however i'm not sure i can stand the whole thing if you get. I can't decide if it's to long or not. The key changes at the end are nice, but its the bit with the endless pedals at 2:07 through to about 2:45 that gets a bit too much. The rest of it is great though, i always thought this song was annoying but i really like this version.

Because this is a solo instrument you need real emphasis on a very strong arrangement with attention to specific aspects of that instrument if your gonna submit it, and i think this is really getting there, but i would be hesitant of submitting it for some reason, i'm not sure why. Wait til you get a few more opinions, but yeah, good stuff.

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Very interesting approach, It sounds kind of repetative despite you haveing lots of differant variations. I think you should try doing fugue type bits where the first part is repeated by a voice lower on the keyboard while the melody expands in the leading voice, this can extend parts and gives other parts more dramatic differances.

In case you have never heard a fugue, here is and example. Listen to how the second voice picks up the same melody as the first voice had.

Just a suggestion :P It's great mix as it is though, no biggy.

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