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  1. @Gario, just checking in. How's it going?
  2. If you two can quickly pop something out fully finished, I'd certainly encourage it. As long as it doesn't put any more pressure on Gario and/or delay things further. (For the record, I have no control in any of this. I would just cheer you on if you can do it.)
  3. One-hundred percent acceptable. I am far more familiar than I care to be with how damaging mental and emotional stress can be. As eager as I am to see the album released, I'm not eager enough to forget the way that feels. Take your time. Gather your spoons. Ask for help when/if you need it.
  4. “You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.”
  5. Have we heard anything from Gario?
  6. So, Badass 4 came out. Are we still on track to be next?
  7. So... how long until this thread is locked for "history"? :P
  8. reddit has little tags that you can pick out related to the subreddit you're in that go beside your username when you post anything. For example, in r/AskMen (and a lot of the other "ask" subreddits) there's a flair you can use that indicates whether you're a guy or a girl and what age range (e.g. "Male 30-35", "Woman 30+", etc.). Some subreddits have silly references, quotes, or in-jokes. I've seen on other forums where they use fluff badges that you can choose from (in some cases purchase, but I wouldn't recommend that) to put below your username, much like your "Admin" badge, but with less official designation. Might not work as well here since we already have the profile images, but YMV.
  9. Got excite. Adrenal glands rupturing from prolonged activation...
  10. Don't know if this helps anyone, but you could actually have a limit to how many times a month you can use your sig. Say I can use it 30 times this month. If I really want people to see my sig, I check a box in the reply UI somewhere, it's there, and my count goes down one. It would give people a chance to think about when and why they use it. Alternatively in that situation, there's going to be that one guy that uses their sig 30 times in the same thread, but then they're out of luck for the rest of the month. Maybe it could be 10. Just an out-of-the-box idea...
  11. Wow. It's certainly been a while since I was a sig maker... Anyway, what about two or three little buttons under our group and post count that can be linked to personal websites or social media profiles? Maybe with the ability to change the color/icon of each.
  12. Thanks! It took quite the journey, but I'm glad it's on the way home now.
  13. Damn Rama! Seven year necro-bump... (super appropriate if you play a Warlock, though) I've been playing WoW standard for a couple years now, but I'm basically on a server that no one else is on (Nazgrel).
  14. *poke* (When an oldie like me has to bump the thread, you know it's been a while. )
  15. *dusts off lichen, dust, and moss* That's one hell of a necropost. In other news, I feel really old now.
  16. Happy Pi-rate Day! Also, this is pretty good and I enjoy it quite a lot. The parts were well played and the arrangement built appropriately without going overboard (see what I did there?). I have a very soft place in my heart for Monkey Island, so I'm also pretty particular. I'd say this passes the three trials for me and is well on its way to become a mighty pirate. tl:dr - I liked it.
  17. As much as it's been a "yes" in my mind, it's been a pretty big "no" in practice. The reason being, I'm pretty broken right now in a lot of ways that I don't want to go into in this thread.
  18. Despite practically disappearing, I do care about what happens to OCR. I'd rather the community has a little more financial stability (God, I wonder what that's like) than the aforementioned single point of failure. I consent to monetization on my OCR music. Of course, my consent will be revoked if unskippable ads are enabled (which I know you will keep turned off anyway).
  19. At first I read that as "agreed 10%" and I couldn't help think how non-committal that sounded.
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