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MnP 28: Megaman X - Boomer Kuwanger

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  • DusK got 1st place with 14 points
  • Trism got 2nd with 13 points
  • supercoolmike got 3rd with 12 points
  • Ackatos got 4th with 9 points
  • Kat got 5th with 3 points
  • mushroomsword got 6th with 2 points
  • Necrox got last with 1 point. But he get's a :pretzel: for a valiant effort =D

DusK, please pick the source tune for round 29.


Everyone's entries were awesome and there were, dare I say, too many good choices haha. Makes me wish I submitted a Bonus...d'oh!

Time to vote after a long day running in a gym. "voting ends in: 2 minutes".... nope. I've already listened to 3 but I can't make a vote.

1) Listen to all entries before making a decision 2) Remember to give yourself enough time before voting =p And not necessarily in that order :nicework:

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pretty sure u mean dusk to pick a

Shite sorry about that. Just when I think I get everything right, I seem to get something wrong lol. Fixed it.

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