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A couple computers for sale


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Sony Vaio Laptop

Quad i3 / 4GB of RAM / 500GB HD

This machine works just fine. It currently has Ubuntu on it but it came with a Windows 7 Home key. Oh, it is pink.

Asking $175

24in iMac / early 2009 model

2.93 ghz core 2 duo / 8GB of RAM / GeForce GT130 512mb / 640GB HD

Right now it's running Yosemite without any problems. The CPU fan does get noisy from time to time but it hasn't caused any real issues for me. By the way, this is for only the iMac itself. A mouse or keyboard is NOT included.

Asking $275

We're in the process of downsizing how many computers we have in the house and will be looking to part with these two in a couple of week or so. I'm just putting the word out there for those who might want to voice an interest early on. Shipping the laptop doesn't pose much of a problem but I'd rather sell the iMac to someone local since it'd be a bit awkward to package it since I no longer have the original box. If you're coming to MAG, I could bring them with me as well.

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Dammit man. It is either a blessing for me or a curse for you that you did not put these up for sale earlier this year - I was seriously considering buying another laptop at that time and might've went for that Vaio. This has been happening to me quite a bit lately.

Here's luck to you selling them though. Sorry I couldn't offer anything constructive versus my low-level angsting over the timing...

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Looking at the numbers I need to look at to see if I can afford it depress me as they are lower than I expected to be. I'm afraid I must pass on this offer, thank you all the same Shaggy!

No worries, man. :)

....After doing a bit more digging, I guess I really am under selling the iMac by a lot. So, I am going to raise the price on it. One think I did forget to mention, though, is that it's just the iMac only. No mouse or keyboard.

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Hey Shaggy, I don't know if you got my PM, but my interest in the laptop is returning. I'm still sort of going back and forth on it vis-a-vis where my finances and needs for it are, but as I've had a small windfall of money I wasn't expecting come in and some other stuff, it does bring my potential availability to purchase it off you back.

Don't save it for me or anything, but do let me know what you're doing with it because I do think I might be able to find use for that after all.

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