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A Program I can throw a MIDI file into and select the Instruments?

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I just want to make some simple remixes for myself using publicly available MIDI files, but I've yet to find a program that'll help me out.

I don't have any experience in sound editing, so I've been trying to find a program I can just import a MIDI file into and select what instruments play what notes. After that maybe some more tweaking could be done, but primarily I just want to find an easy way to set that sort of framework up.


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Any DAW should be able to output MIDI tracks to the system's default MIDI playback device (in my case, it's called Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth), so you don't need any VSTs if all you want to do is edit and play MIDI files in a DAW. Check out Reaper, or try a search for freeware MIDI editor if you want to find a simpler program that will probably do what you need.

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