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OCRA-0050 - Apex 2015: This Is the Moment

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General Overview:
This is a very fun, and exciting album all around. It's short, but with how many tracks there are, I'm glad that you could go through the album from beginning to end without skipping a track. Non-stop excitement suitable for an event like Apex. I especially love how the first track does an excellent job hyping you up, and how the last track winds down all that momentum as if to say "whooo, we had lots of fun didn't we? Now it's time to call it a day." Definitely recommended if you're looking for a fun and short album.

Album Strengths (AKA Personal Favs):
Track 1: This Is the Moment (Main Theme of Apex 2015) by John Ryan
As I said above, excellent track to start the album. I definitely feel anticipation building as I listen to this track. 

Track 4: Smashed Fridge Bits (Super Smash Bros. Melee) by CJthemusicdude
Oh my God this is an amazing Smash Bros arrangement. Energetic doesn't even begin to describe how fun this track is to listen to.

Track 9: Girl From Another World (Ultra Street Fighter IV)
Very exotic, and mysterious. I think I also used the word "sexy" in my original review of this track as well.

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