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Mixing Practice?

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I could make up one mixing practice set of stems sometime later. I'll have it cover mixing bass and midrange, mostly, in a clean stereo field (mixing treble rigorously is kind of a "do I really need to go that far" type of deal in my opinion).

I'm making a new one because I want it to be simple, no overarching context that comes with mixing a full song.

https://app.box.com/s/x0y3aq91ntrkcyyu2bn4x0hhkxnpdpkk - Mixing Practice Set

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Have you ever been on the https://indabamusic.com site?

They have different kinds of contests on there... both mixing, remixing and original compositions.

I have only entered a couple of mix contests, but I have mixed a lot of them for practice.

btw Neblix .. thanx for the Cambridgesite link!! ... can´t believe I haven`t stumbled upon that one..


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