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New to the forums and new to the programs

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Hello. I hope I can feel welcome here. I recently just joined this forum today, and I feel like this place may help me learn how to work much better with my music programs. I'm not entirely new to making music or most songs, it's just, I want to learn how to improve the quality of my music.

I am putting samples of my music here, in case you want to listen.





All of these so far were done in FL studio with VOPM. but I don't know too much of how it works or how these other VSts I got work, Genney beta and FMDrive. I want to learn how to use these and how to up my quality with pitch bending and all sorts of other effects. I want to learn how to even emulate that sweet intro to Metropolis Zone in Sonic 2. I want to learn how to even make those exact instruments from the sonic games, but I have no idea how to do it, or what CAN do it.

Is there anything I should do? Who to learn from?

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Welcome too the forum, im new to this place too well been around since 2010.

I wish you the best of luck, you certainly need it , i feel like Music is one of the most closed forms of communities pretty scared about telling secrets and expensive to hire help too.

but if you keep your head low and your mental focus intact i bet you do fine.

i love that a age has arrived where everyone is able to experiment with sounds and create there own take on classic songs they heard while growing up.

so here's to the future and what it might give you of dreams and hope, one last thing judging by your tracks don't give up :) you got something not everyone can do... although it seems like when looking at services like Spotify and Soundcloud.

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