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*NO* [Bahamut?] Lagoon 'Full Body Reggae'

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Remixer: strfiter

Real Name: Tyler Young

Email: strfiter@gmail.com

Website: none

Userid: 6544 (?)

Remix Info:

Game - Lagoon

Song/Tune - Armor Shop Theme


http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=lag - ???

No clue what the source is based on this one. I tried "Armed and Ready" and "Shop", but didn't draw any meaningful connections. Maybe I just wasn't patient enough. Any help's appreciated.

Meanwhile, a pretty cool vibe from the outset. Nice sounds chosen. 1:17-1:39 though, things didn't sound very musical at all. Beyond that point though, it sounded like the major majority of the tracks was beats and ambiance with little melodic content for the remainder. Not sure how that's supposed to represent a substantive arrangement. It simply doesn't.

Total head-scratcher, but I'll at least keep it. More substance please, and let us know what you're arranging in more detail based on the actual soundtrack archive.

wait a second... [checks tags]... "Composer - Noriko Matsueda"

Aight, maybe you meant Bahamut Lagoon...

http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=bl - ???

Yeah, I have no clue what you're mixing at all. Well, I tried. [/shrug] Everything above still applies.


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Obvious issues w/ the lack of a source tune aside, I don't think this is too bad in terms of concept. It's reminiscent of Quinn Fox's material. Lots of jazzy chords and 'floaty' pads and synth sounds. However, the production is weak. I'm hearing presets and FL defaults all over and a lot of them just don't really fit together. You should spend more time picking sounds that fit the texture, as the ones you have here for the most part are out of place. That plus the arrangement problem makes this a simple


In the future please be more clear about what you are remixing. Also, the ending seemed like a cutoff. If this was intentional, it's really not an effective resolution.

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