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PRC299 - Welcome to the Gulch Mine (Banjo Tooie)

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The People's Remix Competition 299


Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition!


This is the 13th PRC of this season already. Last round Cash claimed victory. Chickenwarlord and Gercr also participated, but they couldn't stop Cash. He selected the source for this round.


I've decided to go with Banjo-Tooie - Glitter Gulch Mine (




Source: Banjo Tooie (N64) - Glitter Gulch Mine


Source Information

ThaSauce link: Click here to submit

To submit a song at the compo page a ThaSauce account is required.

If anyone has problems with registering or uploading the song to ThaSauce, please upload the song somewhere else and post a download link in the thread. I recommend Soundcloud, don't forget to allow downloads to enable me to upload the song at ThaSauce.

To register and submit, do the following.
  • Click the ThaSauce link.
  • Click the 'You are not logged in' button in the upper right.
  • Click on 'register' (at the bottom).
  • Read the terms and click 'I agree to these terms'. If you don't agree with them, upload the song somewhere else and post a download link as mentioned above (by doing that, you allow me to upload the song at ThaSauce.
  • Continue the process by filling in your information.
  • A confirmation mail will be send. There might be some issues with it (meaning that you don't get it), if that is the case, upload the song somewhere else as described above.
  • Once registered, login with your username and password, go to the mentioned page and submit the song. If you want submit two or more songs you can create multiple ThaSauce accounts or upload the song somewhere else and post the download link.


PRC instructions

  • Limitations at ThaSauce require your entry to be 20 MB or less in size. Length for length's sake and MIDI rips are not allowed (only as Bonus Mixes).
  • Entries must be posted in the ThaSauce link by Friday June 26th 2015 at 2:59 am ThaSauce time (10:00 UTC, 11:00 GMT), check the ThaSauce page for the exact time left.
  • You may enter as many mixes as you like and work with as many people as you like on each mix. You are free to create a second ThaSauce account for that, it's needed to be able to upload a second remix. You can also upload it somewhere else and put a download link in this thread
  • Do not make qualitative comments on an entry until the results of the vote have been posted in this thread.
  • Mixers cannot vote for themselves but if they vote they recieve a free first place vote added onto their score.
  • The winner of this round may select the source for PRC301. PRC300 will be a special round.
  • The winner of last round, Cash, can only take part by submitting a bonus mix.
  • You can find the full rules list at this page as well.





PRC ThaSauce Home Page!

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Strange, when I'm not logged in the page works fine, but if I login it doesn't work. There are three songs now, I'll see if I can do something to fix the page.

I have similar problems with MnP, so I can't use that page to submit the song of Supercoolmike. The song of Supercoolmike is located here.




It has something to do with login in combination with deadlines, since I can visit all pages when I'm not logged in and I can visit all pages with no Remixing Stage deadline when I am logged in.

I hope the problems are solved soon, otherwise the voting stage will not be done via ThaSauce but by sending me the votes by PM. The voting stage will start in five minutes.

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Welcome to the voting stage 

The mixing stage is over. This round has 4 songs. To vote, do the following:

  • Visit the stated ThaSauce Page and listen to all the entries. Because ThaSauce doesn't work well at the moment, Supercoolmike's song is not in the entries list, but you can find the link of his song above the other songs under materials. Alex Smith's song is not at ThaSauce, but you can find the link below.
  • Scroll to the form at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can Fill in the entries, but since it is not possible for me to add Supercoolmike's and Alex Smith's song, it doesn't matter.
  • State a reasoning for it. FILL IN YOUR TOP 4 HERE. Don't forget to take Supercoolmike's and Alex Smith's song into account. See the example below. Please send the top 4 (which gives me more confidence that you have listened to all the songs.
  • Participants are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. However, they may not vote for themselve, they should only post their top two in the reasoning. They get a free first place if they vote. Non participants are encouraged to vote to decide the winner and leave comments as well.
  • Ignore the ThaSauce results at the end, I will post the final results in this thread when the deadline is over.
  • The winner of last round, Cash, has as vote that counts twice.
  • Instead of voting via ThaSauce you may also vote by PM @ Ocremix.

For example, vote like this (note that this is not my vote, as I didn't listen to the songs yet; this is just the order in which the songs are submitted).




You have until THIS Wednesday, June 24th 1:59 pm ThaSauce time to vote. Check the ThaSauce page for the exact time you have.

Note that this is again a different end time.

The winner may choose the source tune for PRC301.

Check the ThaSauce Page to vote.

Song list:





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My slow internet betrayed me and I ended up missing the deadline. May as well post it here as a little bonus entry, though - http://picosong.com/gmx6/


By the way, hello. :P You  might not remember me, I haven't ventured into this neck of the woods since 2011 I think! Anyway, I was glad to see that you're still keeping PRC going, Bundeslang. Nice one, Mate. :)

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Alex Smith's song is also in, so there are four songs now. Unfortunately I cannot upload the song at ThaSauce. I'll update the posts.


I want everyone to post their top 4 in the description to be more sure that everyone has listened to all the songs.


And yes, I remember you, as winner of PRC104, PRC107 and PRC206.  :nicework:





- Vote at ThaSauce or send me a PM @ Ocremix.

- If you vote, post your top 4.

- You don't have to fill in the boxes at ThaSauce since you cannot add Supercoolmike's and Alex Smith's songs in the boxes.

- Ignore the ThaSauce results after the voting stage.

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Chickenwarlord, you probably missed the announcement. Pease send your vote to me by PM at Ocremix, otherwhise it will not count.


There are four songs, Alex Smith and Supercoolmike also submitted but because ThaSauce is broken they couldn't get the songs at the ThaSauce page.

(I also sended this message to you as PM).

Links to those songs can be found both in the Ocremix Thread and ThaSauce page.

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It's results time. A weird voting stage goes hand in hand with a weird result.
Total number of mixes - 4
Total number of votes - 4
lastplace.jpgGercr got a good number of 7 points (normally good for at least a third), but this time he only gets the last place wooden spoon.
secondplace.jpgSupercoolmike and Alex Smith ended with 8 points, which brings them both the second place.
firstplace.jpgAnd the winner of PRC299 is FxSnowy with 10 points.
Congratulations FxSnowy, you are the winner of this strange round. You may select a source for PRC301.
Send your source to me (with a MID/MP3 file, otherwise send a second source with a MID file) by PM, other options are PM me @ ThaSauce or by e-mailing to bambombim@gmail.com (I prefer a PM @Ocremix).


Send your source as fast as you can, but before next Saturday (4 July), 10:59 AM ThaSauce time.


You may select any source for any game, but not a source with an OverClocked remix or a source which has been used in PRC before. An overview of the past PRC's can be found in the following links:



http://bambombim.googlepages.com/PRCRemixList.doc (also downloadable via the link above).
You can find some of the votes here, I'll also post the votes in the next post:
It looks like ThaSauce is normal again, they even added a possibility to link the page Splice (which I don't know about, but gonna check out now). Hopefully next round everyone can get their entry in and the round will have a normal voting stage. I'll see if I can get the songs of Alex Smith and Supercoolmike at the ThaSauce page.
Chickenwarlord also voted, but he missed the announcement and the tracks of Supercoolmike and Alex Smith. Still I'll include his vote in the next post.
EDIT: ThaSauce page is now updated with both songs and voting scores.
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1 - Alex Smith
2 - Supercoolmike
3 - Fxsnowy
4 - Gercr
It was close, everyone did a good job.
1 - supercoolmike
2 - Gercr
3 - Alex Smith
supercoolmike - Really like this idea, it's a very cool dramatic take on the source. The sound is solid, my only complaint is that the drums are pretty bland and unrealistic. Ending part from 2:44 to 2:59 is my favorite, would have liked to hear more of it.
Gercr - I was so close to putting this first place, but the second half of the song changed my mind. First half I enjoyed a lot, the arrangement is spot on, all the instruments work nicely together. But from 1:20 onwards it gets messy and feels like there is too much going on.
Alex Smith - Fist Bumpin time! Even though I'm not a fan of this type of music (doesn't factor my vote though) I liked it. Very upbeat and high energy.
Good evening Holland, this is London calling... the votes for the Eurovis- People's Remixing Contest are in and without further ado, the United Kingdom's twelve points goes to...
First place - fxsnowy
Lovely warm sound. Flirtatious, some might say. Is your mix single? The piano is realistic: so much so that I'm questioning whether this was performed or sequenced? Hats off to you either way! Sounds legit. The arrangement is creative and I like its contemplative nature - a nice interpretation of the source. Love the jazzy stuff coming in near the end... feels like a new exciting section on its way. I can certainly see this being extended. I could definitely listen to more of this.
Second place - gercr
I knew from the moment I heard that guitar that I'd like this. Another warm and thoughtful-sounding arrangement. (Clearly great minds think alike, eh fxsnowy?) The sections move seamlessly from one to another, like a velvety smooth melting chocolate ganache. I found myself bobbing my head enthusiastically throughout.
Third place - Supercoolmike
Good arrangement, well thought-out and executed. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel my feet lifting off the ground. The twinkly synths and etherial pads draw you in. Aptly titled... this is going to be a close round.
Hey there

1. Snowy: lovely piano song, Really enjoyed

2. Mike: great tone and instruments choice, nicely put togheter and good mix.

3. Alex: interesting take on the source, really creative
I wish my humanization and balancing was more like fxsnowy's.


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Congratulations, fxsnowy! I really liked your remix. All of you guys turned out solid remixes... very creative. I have to say I felt slightly embarrassed upon hearing the other entries after submitting my own... it was a rather basic use of the source in comparison with all your nifty re-arrangements. :P An upping of the game is in order I think.


Until next time!

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