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  1. Did a little bonus song. maybe someone gets some last minute inspiration
  2. HI hope u guys like the source, I think it has a lot of potential for remixing.
  3. working on something, I hope I have it ready for the deadline...
  4. Cool remix ! really creative and I love the weird bass line and vibe it has, Im happy theres at least one song
  5. im sorry, I didnt knew that the midi was like that the only other midi I found is this one: vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/YIBoss-hauntedhouse.mid is supposedly a remix, dont know if its useful
  6. I already sent the source, and even if I win by default, I still wanna hear feedback and comments. I think thats the only way to improve. In case anyone sees it, I did the mix again now with a little more time: https://soundcloud.com/gercr/diddy-kong-chill-race also I hope people liked the source I sent for the next PRC. (yoshis Island OST is amazing) thanks !
  7. yeahh, I was working on something too, and thought I had time to finish it today. too bad, I really wanted to make something for this.
  8. PM sent - voted. If theres a problem let me know... (PS, I did the mix again with a little more time, If you wanna hear it is here, https://soundcloud.com/gercr/banjotar; dont vote based on that, ty)
  9. I made something, but thesauce is weird right now so I dont know if the upload worked properly.
  10. Anyone has the changelog ? (I mean for the other characters adjustments, if theres any)
  11. Sorry I couldnt make anything, Ive been having major hardware problems. With a little luck next week I will get a new interface. Apologies to garpocalypse since I couldnt make anything decent.
  12. I wanna claim Garpocalypse as my trainer.
  13. Its a Pretty simple song, It will be hard to come up with something...
  14. Amazing thread !! If you wanna hear some norwegian advant garde metal: those are some of my all time favorite songs... Vortex can sing !!!
  15. Sweet sound and nice arrangement, Im curious, What library are you using ?, the string section sounds pretty realistic. (although I dont like the percussion in the first part that much) -Subscribed BTW -
  16. Nicely Done, and great playing. (thats a Beatiful Ibanez guitar) In the mix department I think the brass and Strings are a little too high for my taste and the drum set is a sometimes lost in the mix, But overall is pretty solid. BTW, I always ask, how do you make your guitar tones?
  17. nooo I forgot to vote, again ! damn this days im not paying attention to anything also, yes it is 16 bits, not 8 my mistake and no its not a full midi rip, theres a lot of stuff changed and added, but I wanted to feel like a Snes Ost so I also kept a lot of the structure. anyway it was a nice experiment for a source that I wasnt really inspired at first. gratz to mike, you have improved a ton, Im impressed and actually feel that I was left behind hehe
  18. I choose underground from yoshi island, althoug I think it doesnt blend that well with other songs
  19. lets see if I can enter this time, question, Yoshi Island Counts? is supposed to be supermario world 2 If I recall correctly...
  20. You just have to send a PM to Hoboka with the name of the source you picked, a youtube link and a midi. nothing complicated ^^
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