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  1. Did a little bonus song. maybe someone gets some last minute inspiration
  2. HI hope u guys like the source, I think it has a lot of potential for remixing.
  3. working on something, I hope I have it ready for the deadline...
  4. Cool remix ! really creative and I love the weird bass line and vibe it has, Im happy theres at least one song
  5. im sorry, I didnt knew that the midi was like that the only other midi I found is this one: vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/YIBoss-hauntedhouse.mid is supposedly a remix, dont know if its useful
  6. I already sent the source, and even if I win by default, I still wanna hear feedback and comments. I think thats the only way to improve. In case anyone sees it, I did the mix again now with a little more time: https://soundcloud.com/gercr/diddy-kong-chill-race also I hope people liked the source I sent for the next PRC. (yoshis Island OST is amazing) thanks !
  7. yeahh, I was working on something too, and thought I had time to finish it today. too bad, I really wanted to make something for this.
  8. PM sent - voted. If theres a problem let me know... (PS, I did the mix again with a little more time, If you wanna hear it is here, https://soundcloud.com/gercr/banjotar; dont vote based on that, ty)
  9. I made something, but thesauce is weird right now so I dont know if the upload worked properly.
  10. Anyone has the changelog ? (I mean for the other characters adjustments, if theres any)
  11. Sorry I couldnt make anything, Ive been having major hardware problems. With a little luck next week I will get a new interface. Apologies to garpocalypse since I couldnt make anything decent.
  12. I wanna claim Garpocalypse as my trainer.
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