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FF7 Complete Soundtrack (Covered/Remastered.)


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I great while ago (like 6 years) when I had free time I sought out to completely redo the original FF7 soundtrack and take it from 16-bit midi into the way it should have sounded with modern instruments, mixing, and mastering to the best of my abilities(I think someone else did something similar a long time ago too, but mines better! lol). Now I have ran into a problem on posting my covers. Some people say it claims to infringe on the copyright but I was under the impression that if you cover a song and supply it for free, it would be legal and within your means to do so. This project took me 2 years and I would just love for everyone to hear it and re-live this awesome soundtrack with modern instruments/technoloy. I re-did like all 80+ tracks to my taste. Im gonna go ahead and just post a few of my favorite tracks in a sound cloud link but I think that might be the wrong thread. My main concern is what is your opinions on me posting a .Zip on an upload site for all the fans to just download and enjoy the entire thing. If you loved the game youll love this.


HERE IS THE FULL 80+ track soundtrack!! http://www.mediafire.com/download/tbmbg1biegdf9q2/FF7-OST-Remake.rar











I uploaded some more but they are being processed at the moment, so later after this post theyll be up...just look on my soundcloud.

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Isn't this music copyrighted?

For recognition and representation within the games industry, please see Industry Recognition. For information on non-profit usage of OverClocked ReMixes, please see Content Policy.


Yes, the original soundtracks and source tunes which OverClocked ReMixes are based on are copyrighted material. We are not out to infringe on the copyright owner's rights by making money off of their content. We are a fan site, and all material on OC ReMix is freely available and contains information on the source tune's game origin and composer (if available). The ads, merchandise, and donations for this site go only to pay for bandwidth, hosting, promotional, and other administrative costs. We are a not-for-profit web site established to honor the video game industry, not detract from it. We at OC ReMix encourage users to buy professionally released video game music soundtracks to support game music.


From the OCR FAQ.


If you're not making money off of it or passing it off as your own, you are probably going to be alright. This is essentially what OCremix has been doing since 199X.


Nice samples btw. I've always liked FF7's soundtrack.

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