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  1. I saw the words "Battle Royale" and immediately checked out mentally. I don't associate any Battle Royale games with a great story. I agree, it would be neat to see that era fleshed out, but I don't think this format is the way to do it.
  2. All aboard the Hype-Cart-on-Rails!
  3. Space Jam 2 antagonists will be Pokemon. Confirmed!
  4. So... what just happened here? I imagine that we're still in spoiler free mode for most, but... ya. Bold Moves or misstep? What do you guys think? OST is Firaga either way...
  5. I really hope this hits PC though. As good as it looks, I'm not springing for a console for one game. Same problem I ran into with Crisis Core...
  6. Ok, thanks for the clarification. Though my eyes tend to glaze over after a bit (Antecedent Consequent Period... I mean... really), I do find it interesting when the practical application of music theory is discussed. For instance I saw a 12 min video on FF7's battle Fanfare and it broke down the different parts that made it a "compelling" piece of music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH3RSAT3Asc It sounds like the creator of this video has a similar idea of theory to your own. But I am kind of curious if you agree with his conclusions.
  7. Informative. Thank you. I do have a question though. You state the following as an analogy: Then you state: Are songs that are not written with the above form "wrong" or are they "not songs"? To me (a layman) it sounds like this is the same as saying that Hemingway's books are not books. Can you explain the difference, or clarify what "make sense" means?
  8. Just saw the movie and I enjoyed it. I would personally classify it as a good movie in the conventional sense. It had every element I would want in an enjoyable movie. There were some areas that could have used a little polish of course, but it was definitely a good movie in my book.
  9. Was actually just listening to that one (#3384) the other day. Welcome back and thanks for the links. I liked your Zinogre rendition the best. Brought back some traumatic memories.
  10. Grass Monkey? That's kind of a funky monkey.
  11. Yes. This soundtrack was/is "on fire" (as the kids say these days). Each of the planets and most of the bosses had really catchy tunes that somehow fit the scenario just right. There's some nostalgia bias here because this is one of the few games my brother and I played and beat together when we were little. But even re-listening to it now, the tracks still sounds good and it would be sweet to see them get some remix love. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be able to keep up as an album director for something like this though. So I am content to dream about it for now.
  12. Thirded... for emphasis. If I had the time, I would really try to get this going myself.
  13. Excellent. It will be another chance for Ken Watanabe to say: "Let them fight". I will be really disappointed if he doesn't...
  14. Way more legit than I anticipated.
  15. Fair enough. On a related note, there is a particularly wicked platforming section later on in the game that's getting me really close to throwing in the hat...err towel.
  16. Listen for the audio cue. I think its around the 50 - 60 mark, but the timing will become static. At that point, one of the ladies holding the rope will call out when you should jump, and if you tap the button (short hop) on that cue, you can hit your 100 relatively easily.
  17. In Super Mario World, I never realized that the music changes when you jump on a Yoshi. There's an ever so slight 'clippety-clop' beat that gets added to the track in the background while you're riding. If you jump off, it fades out.
  18. That's because this event is a trap designed to snare hacked pokemon users. Ban-ette I choose you!
  19. The NES Godzilla:MoM Soundtrack is totally underrated/unknown. Its nice to see a little love thrown its way.
  20. The goal was totally achievable. We only needed 100,000 people to scan in once a day for 10 days. And you can find pokemon (currently) unavailable anywhere else. So the incentive is already there. TD hit the nail on the head with "most people I know that play it didn't participate because they felt it wasn't worth the effort" . Laziness is our adversary. On the flip side, I can understand why a pot of FC may not be appealing to some folks. If they threw in an egg with a random Gen 1 Starter or something like that, maybe we'd see a higher overall turnout.
  21. We still have a chance if there are a bunch of folks waiting until the last day to game sync. Numbers could spike near the end of the event.
  22. We collectively failed to meet the goal, but If you registered for it you would have gotten coins regardless.
  23. So, just in case anyone has missed it, there is a Global Event going on now to catch 100 million pokemon. Game sync via Festival Plaza then join the Global Event and you can start adding your pokemon to the total. If you participate there is a big pot of FP in it for you. Event ends on 12/13/16. Also...http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/another-chance-at-arceus/
  24. Scanning the codes gives you points. Once you reach a certain point limit, a rare pokemon will appear somewhere in the world and you'll have an hour to go and catch it. You have a maximum of 10 scans that recharge at a rate of 1 every 2 hours. The pokemon that appears isn't necessarily related to the codes you scan in. My first was a normal Litwick after I scanned in a bunch of the shiny starters and Alolan themed pokemon.
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