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  1. hOI OCR! I just uploaded my latest Undertale remix. This time I tackle Megalovania in an electro house style. As heard live at MAGFest last friday. Free download available at soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/mykah/megalovania-undertale-remix
  2. Hey OCR! Just released another Undertale remix on my soundcloud. This time I'm tackling the Heartache theme in the style of future bass meets chiptune. Have a listen and let me know what you think Mykah - Heartache (Undertale Remix)
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! The use of the chiptune style melodies similar to the original was a personal stylistic choice, because I just love that sound and try to reference it in all my tracks and remixes. The artwork I had commissioned specially for this track, my friend did a great job drawing it
  4. Hey OCR! I made a 200bpm drum & bass / nightcore remix of the Spider Dance theme from Undertale! Let me know what you think, free download in the youtube video. - Mykah
  5. These sound really great! But yeah like previously mentioned a bit too much reverb on them. Must of been a huge project to rework every single track so good work!
  6. I've been working on this remix on and off for about 2 years. It's finally starting to sound finished. It's a remix of the Apostle of an Evil God theme from strategy RPG Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn. I'm hoping to submit this track to OCRemix when it's finished so would love to hear your thoughts on it! https://soundcloud.com/mykah/dragon-force-apostle-of-an-evil-god-mykah-remix-wip Thanks!
  7. Great suggestions timaeus222! I'm definitely going to keep them in mind when I eventually revisit this track in the future.
  8. Hey OCR! It's Mykah here again! Thought I'd share my drum & bass remix of the galaxy map music from Mass Effect. As Shepherd would say "I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favourite track in Mass Effect!" https://soundcloud.com/mykah/massively-effective-mass-effect Feedback, thoughts, comments are most welcome! - M
  9. Hey OCR! It's been a while since I last posted here. So thought I'd share one of my VGM remixes and see what everyone thinks: https://soundcloud.com/mykah/its-super-effective-pokemon-red-blue?in=mykah/sets/super-remix-2-turbo-knuckles This is a remix of the trainer battle music from Pokemon Red and Blue that I made using a combination of sampled drums and the excellent Plogue's Chipsounds VST. Feedback is much appreciated! - Mykah
  10. Thanks for the feedback timaeus222 and Cash! Yeah I agree with all those points about the kick, sparseness and overuse of the ghost sounds. If I go back to this work on this remix again in the future I will definitely work on those aspects.
  11. I had been meaning to remix the theme from Perfect Dark for a long time. Finally found the time to do it recently. Have a listen here and let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/mykah/perfect-dark - M
  12. Hey OCR! I finished this tech house remix of the Ghost House theme from Super Mario World back in October but forgot to post it here. Link: https://soundcloud.com/mykah/ghost-house Thanks for listening. - M
  13. New version (hopefully final): https://soundcloud.com/mykah/he-who-controls-the-spice Changes: Did a lot of work on the main lead to make it more interesting and greater automation of it throughout the song. Added some reverb effects over the breakbeat bit. Added a kick drum roll and bassline roll over the second half of the breakdown, which I think sounds rather intense and nice now. I did consider your suggestion to have the second drop as a different drum beat but in the end decided to just keep this mix primarily house. Mostly because another remix I'm working on alternates between drum beats in such a fashion and I don't want both tracks to be too similar
  14. Don't get too cocky, Starfox! *Best game for quotes ever!*
  15. "I used to be in the North Korean Army like you till I took an arrow in the knee" - quoted from some Nord.
  16. Yeah that's a good way to think about FM synthesis, you can even see the waveform changing in FM8 as you add oscillators and modulation. For sub bass, I use a separate synth to my main bassline, and it's generally a extra low sine wave. It basically means you can mix the sub and mid bass separately to each other. Yep, controlling how many projects you start is definitely a good skill to learn. I've not learned it yet, I literally start a new project whenever the idea for a tune comes to me, already started a few hundred this year. Collabs are a good way to get tracks finished, all the collab'ers can shout at each other to get it finished haha. I need to do some more collabs really. Though hopefully one of my current OCR potential submissions will be accepted
  17. So everyone, what genre of electronic music is your favorite at the moment?
  18. Damn so that means Kim Jong-un has opened the gates of Oblivion! We're all doomed now!
  19. Brilliant! Is Kim Jong-un the Dragonborn?
  20. I'd forgotten how good the music from SMRPG is, this remix will be sublime.
  21. Hey there Badliz, I'm liking this remix! You've captured the essence of the original and made it more current! My suggestion for improvement: the lead pluck that starts about 0:01 is lost a bit once the rest of the mix kicks in at 0:24. Some tweaking of the EQ should be able to fix this
  22. Consider my soundcloud posted http://soundcloud.com/mykah
  23. I love FM synthesis, it's hard as hell to understand though. I did toy with the idea of using the original bassline in my remix but decided it just didn't have the punch I required and got drowned a bit by my sub bass and leads. Here's the updated version of my remix, now pretty much finished: http://soundcloud.com/mykah/he-who-controls-the-spice-dune Haha tell me about it, I've got about 60 tracks on my 'to finish' list and counting It's all to easy to start new projects, not so easy to finish existing ones!
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