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8 bit - 16 bit fonts

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How's it going?! Matt here!


So I was just looking around for a nice synth program and I was wondering if anybody knew of any

Synth VST programs that can supports chip tune fonts from the 8 bit or 16 bit era (leaning towards the 16bit era more). If someone can get back to me asap that would be awesome! Thanks!



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Soundfonts aren't the most typical way to do 8-bit and 16-bit sounds, although there are some 16-bit soundfonts out there.  SetzerSPC comes to mind.


For SNES sounds, C700 is a great way to go.  You can load .spc files into it and emulate the exact sounds used by the game and track you load.  They may lack a few of the properties of the source (e.g. reverb) but they'll get you 95% of the way there.


For NES, there are quite a few--NES VST, Magical 8-bit Plug, and NES Pulse are my go-to VSTi's.


I'm not sure if you meant to include the Commodore 64, but Bleep' and Base65 are good there.


I'm not as familiar with Genesis chip emulators, though there are a few of them you can find easily enough, so I'll let others give you advice about those.


There are also some generic synths that cover chiptune sounds really well.  TAL-Noisemaker and Synth1 come to mind right away, but pretty much any softsynth will be able to do squares, pulses, and triangles.

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[url=http://www.mattmontag.com/projects-page/nintendo-vst]NES VST is the best plugin for NES, bar none. The problem with other emulation plugins or just trying to get the same sounds with generic synths is that they lack the unique envelope setups and features needed to properly replicate the more advanced and iconic sounds and timbres from the system. Things like abruptly changing the duty cycle of the pulse (at most you can hope for is a PWM LFO or ADSR envelope in an average synth, which isn't the same at all), or narrowing down the width of the noise to get that distinct alternate metallic timbre from it.

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YM2612 VST is a YM2612 emulator if you'd like to do MD/Genesis stuff. You can pair it with the ymVST YM2149 emulator to get a reasonable approximation of MD/Genesis or PC-98 sound, or pair ymVST with 8 channels of VOPM to emulate Sharp X1 FM boards. No soundfonts needed as it's all emulated and generated.

I am aware that the PSG inside of the MD/Genesis is an SN76489, but the YM2149 is close enough in capability to be versatile in this regard.

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