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  1. I like the crunchiness of the lead synth sound—makes me think of an arabic rebab on acid. It'd be a stronger mix if the drums ducked some of the other elements when hit; right now they feel pretty weak but you can certainly correct that with a little tweaking and layering.
  2. On Sunday I created a chiptune for the PC-8801MkIISR/YM2203. It's a re-arrangement of the windmill song, and takes advantage of a few technical tricks that the YM2203 is capable of. Anyone who knows me, knows that this track will run on PC-88 or PC-98 hardware (this video was made with a render from the original 2kB driver program file that tells the chip what to do—that's right, you can use code to make music!) It's one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite games, so there was no way I could just let it pass me up. This is the original.
  3. I do classic japanese PC style pixel art primarily; I really like cuter sprites and brighter palettes:
  4. Game map tiles for a tactics prototype!
  5. Adding my two cents to the change pile; Parametric EQ 2 is fine; but I do have to recommend Pro-Q or similar if you're looking to use linear phase EQ to prevent transient smearing or phase issues when you notice regular EQ plugs creating that problem. Fruity Convolver has a linear phase EQ built in but it's not real-time adjustable and the interface is poor.
  6. Hey folks! Besides doing music, I also do pixel art from time to time. My previous occupation was video game character animation and environment art, but for some reason I really hated it. I like to work with large resolutions and small palettes. Here's a few pieces: And there's more here!
  7. YM2612 VST is a YM2612 emulator if you'd like to do MD/Genesis stuff. You can pair it with the ymVST YM2149 emulator to get a reasonable approximation of MD/Genesis or PC-98 sound, or pair ymVST with 8 channels of VOPM to emulate Sharp X1 FM boards. No soundfonts needed as it's all emulated and generated. I am aware that the PSG inside of the MD/Genesis is an SN76489, but the YM2149 is close enough in capability to be versatile in this regard.
  8. Your best bet these days is still to find an actual guitarist to record, but failing that you can get a reasonable approximation if you're using well-made guitar samples. Honestly I'm new to tracking "fake" guitar (a bit out of necessity as I don't have a real one anymore) so I wouldn't know how to emulate whammy beyond a pitch LFO.
  9. Hello everyone! Initially this track had a different name but it's basically a remix of Coda "Briganty" from Briganty on PC-98, by Takahiro Yonemura. My take is somewhere between 80s RnB and G-funk: This is the original track:
  10. Hello! I just joined today but I've been indulging in OCR for a good 6 years or so. I make music for NEC PC-98 machines as a hobby and I also do it professionally for videogames.
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