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OCR03226 - *YES* Illusion City 'Enter the Illusion'


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Hey there,


Remixer name: Jorito

Real Name: Jorrith Schaap


Website: http://www.jorito.net/

Userid: 3917

Additional lead guitar performed by Frederic Petitpas (http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=15381)

Submission information:


Name of Game(s) Remixed: Illusion City

Additional Game information:

   System: MSX, FM Towns, PC-98, SEGA CD, Sharp X68000

   Developer: Micro Cabin Corp.

   Genre: RPG

   Released: 1991

   Composer: Tadahiro Nitta, Yasufumi Fukuda, Yukiharu Urita

Name of Arrangement: Enter The Illusion


Names of song arranged: Illusion Theme A (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etqc9Si5Jyw)


Link to the remix: 


Comments about the mix:


This track was originally for PRC282, where one of the source tracks was Illusion City, a 1991 Cyberpunk RPG. I've known this game on the MSX for years and always wanted to cover the main title theme but somehow never got around to doing it. PRC282 was a good excuse to give it a go. I tried to do something different from my usual work and attempted to do something in the epic/hybrid style you hear in todays movies. Not sure if I succeeded completely, but it still turned out pretty well I think.


After noodling around with a lead guitar plugin in the second part, I thought it’d be best to get a real guitar player to do it in stead of working for hours on a believable MIDI part. Since I hang around on #ocremix a lot, I just asked there and Frederic Petitpas (Metal Man on the forums) was kind enough to deliver me the part only 15 minutes later!


Track breakdown:

00:00-00:32: original intro

00:32-00:50: string ostinato from source

00:50-01:05: original lead with ostinato from source

01:05-01:21: original break with synth arp from source

01:21-01:53: source track (almost integral)

01:53-02:02: outro, custom

02:02-02:14: original break

02:14-02:18: MGS game over theme

02:18-02:48: original bridge

02:48-02:50: trumpet from source

02:50-03:23: source track with variation lead guitar

03:23-03:33: ostinato from source

03:33-03:43: synth arp from source

03:43-03:48: MGS game over theme

03:48-03:55: outro

And the occasional swirly sound effects from the original (e.g. 0:30, 0:44, 0:59, 1:15) that I had to recreate and mixed in at appropriate intervals.





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Nice intro that really builds the track up. Almost cinematic. Good use of stereo space, some nice choices in sounds. Enjoy the contrast between the electronic and more traditional instrumentation. Arrangement wise this moves along well, changing from section to section, although some parts like the strings are a bit too persistent in playing the same thing for my taste throughout the track. When the lead guitar hits in the last quarter things become quite full sonically, however I don't feel this breaks the mix. A nice intro to finish things on. Overall a nice modernisation of the original.



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Yeah, dis be gud stuffs! Really like the anxiousness you added to the track here. The mix of elements is great, as Jive mentioned. Your pacing is really good here too; the build is gradual without being too slow. Tiny nit picks were that once in a while a sound would come across a bit fakey, but nothing dragging this down.


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good stuff overall, a cool mix of sounds, well paced, and solid production. The guitar playing was fine, though I think could have used a touch more energy (perhaps a result of the mixing) and it may be a few cents flat. Still is way more expressive than any midi i've heard. Nice team up and congrats on a great track!



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