Donkey Kong Country 2 - Hot Head Bop

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Sounds pretty good. :D

The only thing, for me anyway, is the rhythm guitars at the beginning when there are fewer instruments playing. The palm muting sounds kinda harsh. Not entirely sure how to describe it. Its kinda jarring at first, but becomes less noticeable later as other instruments are introduced. In fact, I'm thinking maybe it needs to be that way later in the song to cut through the mix?

Anywho, still a great arrangement, and once the piano is adjusted (as you've already noted) I can see this being on the front page.

(Also, only a day or so O.O ... Dude)

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Awesome shit, dude. \m/

Like the contrast of the calm piano-pads-&-synths parts and the heavy guitar stuff (love how the electric guitar goes berserk mode at 2:47).
Do you record your electric guitars live or are those well-automated VSTI?

And don't worry about some untimed piano notes - arabian (off-beat) style, sounds great. 

I totally like your music style and what great tune you have made out of the original game track.

A little fine tuning and the track is finished. Maybe some guitars could have a little more reverb/delay at some points to go for a nice walk with the upper instrumentation (maybe some reverb/delay automations).

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Wasn't expecting it in major. I'm not complaining though. Nice.


Piano might not be the best instrument for just a single melody. Once it does more than just one melody, it fits in a lot better. Might be the small reverb doing something too. Hard to say. Something's iffy about it when it first starts playing. It's there around 1:35 as well, but with so much more going on it's less of a problem there.


There are parts that feel rather sloppy, some timing things in the doubletracked guitars and occasional transitions. 1:20, 1:2, 2:43, what's going on there? There's the guitar tone that sounds a bit practice-amp-y for some of the parts, a bit too newby for my liking. You're a veteran of this place, what are you doing?


The doubling of the lead melody between distorted guitar and a very high-heavy stereo synth is interesting, and not necessarily the best result. I'm on headphones, so I'm a little extra sensitive to pan-related things today. It's a bit too shrill for my liking, the synth, and too clean to go well with the guitar, but aside from softening the more piercing frequencies I don't know what to do about it.


Arrangement and source usage is fine. At most, I could complain about it's mostly the same parts of the source used, but using the whole source has afaik never been a requirement. I like it. It's a nice take on the source, even if it's just part of the source.


The band performance aesthetic works for the track, and even excuses the piano melody issue and some of the guitar performance/tone things to an extent. It's not flawless, for sure, but I don't think that's enough to keep this from being accepted, either. It depends on how much a band performance aesthetic lets you get away with.

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I think, the guitar part is pretty fine.

Just the piano stuff got worse compared to the previous version I think.
It's too dominating now - like Rozovian I think that a little bit more reverb & less damping of the piano for a lil bit pad-like sound would fix that.
I also liked the lil bit off-timed piano notes in the previous version - had definitely style.

But, hey that's just a small pigeon poop on the cleaned balcony.

The track is radically awesome and a very great reinterpretation of the original tune!

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