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Super mario Kart Snes - Koopa Beach Cover


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Bubble bobble?


1:15 things start getting cluttered, and definitely @ 1:30 the horns are a little too strong and drown everything else out.  Better mixing would help that, or you can drop say the funky guitars when you start adding other instruments.  The ending seems kinda sudden and incomplete, you didn't let the tom sample play out.  I felt the intro was rather sudden as well.


It's a bit of a fun mix, really short though.  Would have liked to have heard something unique in your mix as what you have is pretty standard funk.

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It'a a little short, and takes no great liberties with the source. Original backing, melody very conservative. So very much a cover. A charming one.


I'm concerned about there not being enough liberties taken with the source. A lot has been done with simpler sources than this. A mostly verbatim melody on original backing doesn't make for a very interesting arrangement, even if the backing is nice.


I saw you have some other mixed marked for mod review, so I'll check them out as well. If they're all short and cover-y, perhaps you should look into making an arrangement more along the lines of what is known to be approved on ocr. But, I haven't listened to those yet, so I dunno.


For your mod review, my assessment is that this wouldn't pass. It's nice, though.

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