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Hi guys,


I'm working on an original piece at the moment. It's a sad, solo piano track, only 1 minute or so in length, and it has to work as a seamless loop. I'm not at all confident in my own abilities, so what I want to know is- what do you think, and what can I do to make it better?


I use Logic Pro 9, and this was created with the Ivy Piano in 162 soundfont. I wish I could get a live player to perform it, but alas, I lack both a piano, and the ability to play one.



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You can find older discussions on how to make seamless loops using the forum search function. Here's one thread that came up, although it pertains to FL rather than Logic, but the principles should be the same. The basic idea is that if there's no wrap option in the DAW itself, you can just bounce it, start a new project, import the audio, and cut the tail end (decay, reverb) and put it in the beginning along with the real beginning of the track. If there's too much audio tail at the beginning, you can then bounce a new audio of it, import, and make a cut in the beginning just before the attack of the first note.


Can't listen right now, so I don't know how well you have it already. Just know that mp3 can't do seamless loops because of how the format works. I noticed your track is 30 megs, so it's not an mp3, which means it's a bigger download but it's also potentially a seamless loop already. Didn't check.


As for the music itself, use the right subforum. I'd move the thread myself, but I don't have mod powers here. Someone else will probably move it.

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