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Rockos - Undersea palace (Chrono Trigger)


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Hi all,


I know this is an overremixed song, but I had a mix in the past that I submitted and never passed the panel. But today I bring you a totally brand new remix with a bit of real instrument. Wanted to test the design for a long time now. Hear it and enjoy it.


It's drumstepish/dubsteppish metal song.





Original source


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Oh hey, I remember when you made this some time ago. Let's see what you've done since, I remember liking the last iteration of it.



Lots of neat sound design on this one. If I recall correctly, the last rendition had some pretty cool sound design, too, so I'm glad that aspect remained. The guitar, however, has a poor tone, when introduced at 0:34. It just sounds muddy and non-distinct. Considering how clear the other instruments are, it's quite noticeable how messy the tone is for the guitar. At 1:08 the tone sounds much better for the lead, but the performance could use quite a bit of clean-up. Hearing the fingers scratch as they slide is distracting for every note, and every note sounds disconnected, due to being deliberately re-struck for every note change. The performance needs some considerable tune-up before it'll be considered on OCR. I'd suggest PM'ing one of the many guitarists on the boards for some advice on this, as my expertise is limited in that area.

At 1:08 and 2:38, I'm not sure that doubling works great, for the leads. Contrapuntally, 6ths & 3rds would give a richer sound than pure 4ths and 5ths. You likely won't get nailed too hard for that on the panel, but it could be better than what is present here.

I'll have to say the guitar work on this is holding this back from being posted, as of yet - I recommend getting in touch with other guitarists and garnering some advice from them. Glad to hear a new rendition of this, though!

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Thank you Gario. I like your comments. I will check for some advice. This is the first time working with electric guitar and mixing with fl studio togheter. I was more on the electronic side but I wanted some change and guitars have some appeal. I'll continue working on this and hope I can get something good out of it.


Thanks again.

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