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DAW interfaces for iPad.


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I recently got an iPad air and I've been having alot of fun with the garage band app and now starting to dabble into some other stuff. Been impressed with it's capabilities so far and so I've been thinking about using it as a DAW via an interface.


I currently have an aging Aardvark Pro Q10 from 2000 which records up to 8 tracks in CD quality. Works great, but I need to have a dedicated PC running Windows 2000 so it is kind of a pain. Especially considering that it is rare for me to need to record more than one stereo track at a time. I have and still plan to use it for the rare occasion when I'm recording an entire band but it would be nice to have something that would interface with an ipad that could record 2-4 tracks at a time at 24/44.1KHz without latency issues. 


Midi interface would also be nice too,


Any recommendations?

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