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  1. I don't mean to sound impatient, but when will round 1 voting go up? Maybe it already is up and I missed it.
  2. Love me some Shovel Knight and Megaman music, if there is still room count me in. I'd prefer team SK
  3. I spent a few weeks here and there working on it, and this is the first time I tried to film myself during the creation process. I had the hardest time trying keep my guitar sound consistent, and sadly had to compromise with a buzzing in it here and there. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  4. Check out the Alesis io dock. Its compatible with all verisons of the ipad, gives you two combo jacks with guitar/line swithces, gives you standard midi I/O as well as usb midi, and allows you to hook up a set of studio monitors via its balance line out.
  5. Lots of great advice in this tread. I'll see if I can add some advice of my own. As a EWSO owner, I can attest that the East West Symphonic Orchestra is a great step forward (in terms of sound quality) from the Logic Pro X default sample libraries. Though IMHO Logic's default Orchestral library is fairly versatile despite its sound quality. My largest gripe with East West's plug in has to be its container, Quantum Leap. It eats your computers power and doesn't even use its own sounds to the fullest. Luckily I bought SO on sale so my buyers remorse isn't that high (and I don't have to pay a monthly fee to use it!). Thats my token of wisdom, look into the container that these plug in run it. That could save you lots of time and headache.
  6. Right now East West is having a sale on their Hollywood orchestra bundle (includes string, woodwinds, brass, and percussion). I was thinking of settling with gold since it is greatly discounted (its at $399). I already own Quantum Leap, I know its short comings and strengths. Would it be worth it to own both?
  7. Earlier this year I helped a team of grad students with their final project, a video game based around destroying everything. You can read more about their game and even play it at this link http://eruptiongame.com/ Since the game is out now I can post the music. I hope you guys enjoy it. Cool fun fact: I had to learn Ukulele for this ost, leaving me with the challenge of composing the music in the key of C. This forced me to do some interesting chord progressions and relative keys to keep the music interesting.
  8. Guitar Center has Komplete 10 and 10 Ultimate on sale for labor day in store. I believe they are about 15% off. Thats good Thursday through Monday.
  9. More specifically I use EW play with 9 midi in and 9 stereo outs. Of the top of my head I think I use 5 instances of play in my orchestra template (2-3 samples per instrument [staccato, legato, pizzicato]).
  10. I think I know how to fix the problem, I just wanted a second opinion. For my orchestral sequencing I use EastWest Symphonic orchestra, but the problem is I have to use a lot of instances of it and it eats up ram. When I boot up my fell orchestra template it gives me warning messages about my ram and becomes unstable. If I start working on a project in this situation it usually gives me occasional noise spikes (it sounds like isolated static). My assumption is I need to have more ram (currently with 8gb ddr3 in my macbook pro non retina). Any thoughts? I think it could also be a word clock issue or a hard drive issue.
  11. At the moment Guitar Center is selling UVI's Vintage vault for $350 (normally $500) in store. Its a giant library of sampled vintage synths. Its easy to use and has a lot of fun sounds. You need a ilok account to use it. http://www.guitarcenter.com/UVI/Vintage-Vault.gc
  12. I own the ATH-M40's and one problem I've noticed is that I often don't hear velocity issues in my music. Something about them make it difficult for me to pinpoint when a instrument is striking to hard. I don't know how different the 40s are from the 50s. To surmise I have a detail issue with my headphones. How does you mix sound on your earbuds and speakers? We might be able to pinpoint the problem if we get more details.
  13. Welp there is a lot happening in my life. For one I'm trying to write a soundtrack for a video game. Secondly I'm trying to win back hours at work so I can actually move out of my parents house, basically what happened is I moved out and then the CEO cut everyones hours chain wide so then I had to move back in with my parents (my income was literally cut in half). Trying to network and build my knowledge base so I can get composing gigs and hopefully do that full time instead of retail. Trying to stay out of depression because that effects me at work both at my retail job and in the studio. Overall I'm just praying for divine intervention in my life.
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