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  1. I don't mean to sound impatient, but when will round 1 voting go up? Maybe it already is up and I missed it.
  2. Got my remix in. Good luck to everyone
  3. I'm ready to roll (Megaman pun)
  4. Love me some Shovel Knight and Megaman music, if there is still room count me in. I'd prefer team SK
  5. I spent a few weeks here and there working on it, and this is the first time I tried to film myself during the creation process. I had the hardest time trying keep my guitar sound consistent, and sadly had to compromise with a buzzing in it here and there. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  6. Check out the Alesis io dock. Its compatible with all verisons of the ipad, gives you two combo jacks with guitar/line swithces, gives you standard midi I/O as well as usb midi, and allows you to hook up a set of studio monitors via its balance line out.
  7. Lots of great advice in this tread. I'll see if I can add some advice of my own. As a EWSO owner, I can attest that the East West Symphonic Orchestra is a great step forward (in terms of sound quality) from the Logic Pro X default sample libraries. Though IMHO Logic's default Orchestral library is fairly versatile despite its sound quality. My largest gripe with East West's plug in has to be its container, Quantum Leap. It eats your computers power and doesn't even use its own sounds to the fullest. Luckily I bought SO on sale so my buyers remorse isn't that high (and I don't have to pay a monthly fee to use it!). Thats my token of wisdom, look into the container that these plug in run it. That could save you lots of time and headache.
  8. Right now East West is having a sale on their Hollywood orchestra bundle (includes string, woodwinds, brass, and percussion). I was thinking of settling with gold since it is greatly discounted (its at $399). I already own Quantum Leap, I know its short comings and strengths. Would it be worth it to own both?
  9. Earlier this year I helped a team of grad students with their final project, a video game based around destroying everything. You can read more about their game and even play it at this link http://eruptiongame.com/ Since the game is out now I can post the music. I hope you guys enjoy it. Cool fun fact: I had to learn Ukulele for this ost, leaving me with the challenge of composing the music in the key of C. This forced me to do some interesting chord progressions and relative keys to keep the music interesting.
  10. Guitar Center has Komplete 10 and 10 Ultimate on sale for labor day in store. I believe they are about 15% off. Thats good Thursday through Monday.
  11. More specifically I use EW play with 9 midi in and 9 stereo outs. Of the top of my head I think I use 5 instances of play in my orchestra template (2-3 samples per instrument [staccato, legato, pizzicato]).
  12. I think I know how to fix the problem, I just wanted a second opinion. For my orchestral sequencing I use EastWest Symphonic orchestra, but the problem is I have to use a lot of instances of it and it eats up ram. When I boot up my fell orchestra template it gives me warning messages about my ram and becomes unstable. If I start working on a project in this situation it usually gives me occasional noise spikes (it sounds like isolated static). My assumption is I need to have more ram (currently with 8gb ddr3 in my macbook pro non retina). Any thoughts? I think it could also be a word clock issue or a hard drive issue.
  13. At the moment Guitar Center is selling UVI's Vintage vault for $350 (normally $500) in store. Its a giant library of sampled vintage synths. Its easy to use and has a lot of fun sounds. You need a ilok account to use it. http://www.guitarcenter.com/UVI/Vintage-Vault.gc
  14. I own the ATH-M40's and one problem I've noticed is that I often don't hear velocity issues in my music. Something about them make it difficult for me to pinpoint when a instrument is striking to hard. I don't know how different the 40s are from the 50s. To surmise I have a detail issue with my headphones. How does you mix sound on your earbuds and speakers? We might be able to pinpoint the problem if we get more details.
  15. Welp there is a lot happening in my life. For one I'm trying to write a soundtrack for a video game. Secondly I'm trying to win back hours at work so I can actually move out of my parents house, basically what happened is I moved out and then the CEO cut everyones hours chain wide so then I had to move back in with my parents (my income was literally cut in half). Trying to network and build my knowledge base so I can get composing gigs and hopefully do that full time instead of retail. Trying to stay out of depression because that effects me at work both at my retail job and in the studio. Overall I'm just praying for divine intervention in my life.
  16. Thanks for the advice guys. It has been years since I last used tindeck so I totally forgot it doesn't like .wav files. Fixing it all now.
  17. Awhile back I was working on a game soundtrack with some people. Sadly they game never was released and I had leftover music (since there was no contract) I could do what ever I wanted with. The game was a top down survival and crafting game set on an alien planet. I took some inspiration from other soundtracks like Starbound and Minecraft, and used samples from old analogue synths. The result is a sometimes ethereal, but most of the time has a romantic era sound. Here is the entire album
  18. When you have trouble understanding a musical idea (be it in theory or otherwise) I suggest really pondering upon it. Spending time on the piano playing it, transposing it, changing the spacing and inversion. Before you know it you will have that musical idea mastered and stored away in your compositional tool box, making it easier to build and play ideas in your head. Also if you hear a cool lick or effect you like, try and figure out what was done to make that happen. Ignorance of theory and technique are a greater limiter then a lack of good sample libraries in my opinion.
  19. I wanted to post later so the original post would be dominated. Anyway here are my answers to those questinos. 1. I use a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 2. The interface has stable drivers and a good build quality. The mic pres sound good (though quiet), and it is expandable through ADAT meaning I can add more I/O though this or use it as a stand alone mic pres if the drivers ever stop being updated. The downside is it is large and runs though AC power giving it a little bit of noisyness though my studio monitors. 3. First and foremost I look for good microphone pre amps, bad mics can sound good thorough a good pre, but not the other way around. I look for one with drivers that are very stable (I've had unstable interfaces in the past and they have caused me to pull out a lot of my hair). It sucks when your whole computer crashed because of them. A good sound card is important too, but once you get out of budget interfaces that no longer becomes a problem. 4. If you are just a solo artist you should just stick to a one or two mic pre interface. Its good to have one that sounds good (good mic pres and sound card). If you need much larger In and Outs try to find one that is either run through PCIe, firewire, or thunderbolt as they have less latency. Try to stick with a company that has made their business on good hardware (Focusrite and Universal Audio are two examples). 5. I would suggest avoiding any interfaces made by M-Audio. My first interface was a Fast Track, and it caused me lots of Blue Screens of death due to its poor drivers. As far as I've heard that tradition as continued with the M-Track audio interfaces. Also be wary of the Presonus Audiobox, it is just known for being not good sounding or broken out of the box. Its ironic because the Presonus Audiobox 22vsl is a great audio interface and they look almost identical. The Steinberg UR22 is also known for being broken out of the box, but I'm glad to hear that Yami didn't have that problem. 6. Two starter interfaces I would suggest are the Focusrite 2i2 the Presonus Audiobox 22vsl. Both have good mic pres and are solidly build and programed. If you are really starting out you can even get the Scarlet Studio which comes with the 2i2, microphone, headphones, and DAW. 7. For me having a interface so I can process my music at a lower latency, plug in studio monitors and control volume is a necessary asset. Wanting to record more groups I found the need to have lots of ins and outs so I can quickly and musically record a group with good monitoring. Overall every person have different needs from their interface.
  20. The past few months I have done a lot of research in the field of consumer grade audio interfaces. Yet I still feel like I've yet to scratch the surface of what to look into for these things. I thought I would make a thread dedicated to them since I personally believe them to be very vital to my workflow and production. *edit* For clarity sake a audio interface is a device that processes and records audio. So I'll kick off this discussion with a couple questions. 1. What interface do you use (if you use one)? 2. How does it suit your needs? 3. What do you look for in a interface? 4. What should someone look for in a interface? 5. What are some interfaces to avoid? 6. What is a good starter interface? 7. How does a interface improve your workflow?
  21. I have most experience using EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold and the Garritan Symphonic Orchestra (it came with my copy of Finale 2012). My peers recommended I stay away from the Silver version of EastWest because the upgrade to gold gives you a vary large difference in instrument variety. Regarding Garritan's Orchestra library, well lets just say I prefer Logic Pro's default orchestra instruments over what Garritan has given me, they just aren't really versatile. Now this is what I would recommend doing if you want to go with EWQL Silver or Gold. Save your money and wait for a sale. With the Holiday's approaching EastWest is undoubtedly going to put their samples on sale. You may be able to snag Gold version for less then $200 USD. As for the ilok, stores such as musiciansfriend, guitarcenter, sweetwater, you name it distribute coupons around sale times. Try to save a few bucks by taking advantage of those coupons. Overall my recommendation is that if you keep spending money on budget libraries you will waste money upgrading constantly. So try to get something, even if it average or ok, and that will save you in the long run.
  22. Hi first time poster here. I was hoping to get some critique on this Medley I made. I have a background with orchestration, but arrangement has aways been a thorn in my side and I like to remedy that. I made this remix to practice using compressors, but I decided to finish it. Thanks! *edit if that link doesn't work try *edited so that everything should work now*
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