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*NO* Final Fantasy 10 'Electric Rainbow'


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ReMixer Name: Fishy

Real Name: Cain (or Kenny) McCormack


Website: http://fishy1618.googlepages.com/home

Forum ID: Fishy

Game remixed: Final Fantasy X

Song Remixed: Thunder Plateau

"Electric Rainbow" is my first submission, and is very odd coming from me as there's absolutely no guitar playing in it. It's a very mellowed out, calm version of a very jumpy, bouncy song that i think has a very nice chilled feel. It's got various "synth-struments" (as some guy put it) and some nice strings here and there with a hint of reverse drums for effect.

I was inspired to make this when i was testing out my midi keyboard, i was just playing about with the main theme and decided to lay down a bit on the matrix, and i just kept adding to it. Pretty much everything was done real time triggering and there's lots of improvising with the main theme, the leads pretty much go wherever i felt like going at the time, which gives it a nice free feel i think.

Anyway, there it is.

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Melody from the source comes in straight away. The quality of the instrumentation presents an immediate issue. You have a good choice of instruments, but they sound basic and dry like they're straight off your MIDI keyboard.

The percussion is pretty good, keeping a solid groove. The bassline works out all right. But the rest of the mix sticks pretty close to the source, even going as far as being shaped the same, right down to the tempo slowdown around 2:30. I'm going to go as far as saying it's the source with additions.

You have some good ideas, and the arrangement choices are solid for where you've done something original. But it needs to be more unique and thoroughly re-arranged to be considered an OC ReMix.


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http://www.tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FFX_psf2.rar - 301 "Thunder Plains"

Much love to the original track, a favorite of mine for years. Weird intro, as I dunno if it's supposed to sound like static or sea waves. I sincerely hope it wasn't meant to sound like water. Anyway, theme comes in right at :08, pretty similar to the original but with more gentile sounds.

Some light percussion and a decent glassy synth entered at :23. Beats coming in at :39 were pretty tame and their dryness didn't quite gel with the rest of the instrumentation. The water SFX faded too quickly out of the background at :40, sounding rather cheap.

Track just kind of chugs along politely with a very conservative take on the source, plus all these added pad/synth/beat embellishments. 1:42 adds even more ideas into the background with a new bassline, but the source theme isn't being interpreted at all. Same tempo, fairly similar instrumentation ideas.

The strings from 2:24-2:31 were pretty fake and exposed. The section at 2:32 was a little less troublesome with the strings, as you did some decent layering, but they still sounded robotic and dry. Started playing some scales at 2:48, but you probably should have stopped after 8 bars at 3:04, as the idea isn't interesting enough to carry the track for another 16 seconds.

Decent more breakbeatish section from 3:20 playing with the beats and bassline more, only to completely move onto something else at 3:35; too bad, there was at least more potential there than I observed in other parts.

Yeah, get things more interpretive where it counts with reinterpreting the actual stuff cribbed from "Thunder Plains", then post the in-progress stuff to the Works forum to obtain feedback before trying to submit it again. It also wouldn't hurt to consult our ReMixing forum and seek out how to give more depth and realism to your sounds.

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