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MnP 46: Age of Empires II - "Shamburger"

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16 hours ago, shadowpsyc said:

Voted. Difficult, nearly 1abc and d, but that's a good problem to have! I was a little nervous about if AoeII were too obscure or different, but it got one more entry than my last pick.


It was a great pick.


2 hours ago, Esperado said:

Might have to crank the volume on my track. I forgot to turn the limiter on so its super quiet. 


I actually mentioned that when submitting my votes.  X_X

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AJGJAShggkgjasdhgshdg I FORGOT TO VOTE.  I'm fired. I'm so sorry guys for letting you down T_T

RIGHT anyhow, I'll post comments right naow - then get the VOTE TALLY in pronto.

hipnotyk - very MnP.  Very good cover-ish stuff with some slight variations; production is nice.

fxsnowy - I actually woulda voted you in first, but blah I fail at life I guess, sorry dude.  REALLY digged the flute humanization (was that done live??).  The other elements were super on par as well!

esperado - the master volume needed at least a 1.4dB boost.  That part aside, I really love the re-interpretation going on, as it was indeed still in the MnP range.  Probably how I would've approached this source tune if I got off my ass to do it haha.

Trism - Pretty nifty guitar cover mix there Trism.  I'm digging it!  



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