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Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny [R&B Remix]

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Hey folks. Been a while.

Here's my remix called: Witching Hour.

I hadn't initially planned to make a remix but I started fooling around with the melody and it just blended together so nicely. Though now I'm wondering if I've included enough of the source material within the song. Thoughts?

On a side note, if anyone wants to put some vocals on it you're more than welcome to ;)

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Awesome man! I can dance to that! (Which I did). This is a real remix, you really changed up a lot. Adding vocals would probably do it justice, it has that potential.

About the source material, You gave every aspect of the original your twist, which at first would give the impression that it's a totally different song(and you changed the music style). Maybe it's an idea to add the lead melody to your remix, making a more direct reference to the original...

After a while it does become kinda monotone, because the variations are very subtle. It's a trait of Hiphop-music, which is what makes it so great for rapping. HipHop dance communities would probably like it though. trying to dance and move on every hit is quite advanced. Maybe add a few not so subtle moments into it. Keeps the listeners allert.

Wiches be like: Girl, where my cattle at?

But again, Awesome! Please continue making music!

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