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.Hack Aura's theme/Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground Remix


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Originals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhwSsIOTOS0


Remix: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/hack-aura-themehidden-forbidden-holy-ground-remix

A very glitchy take on two beautiful songs from a very glitchy (plot wise, not buggy, I think) game.

This is a remix that I've been waiting to do for years and finally felt up to it. It is far from being done, but I have put together somewhat of an idea for it.

Some quick notes:

- The begin is not right, I know what I want 0:00-0:32 to sound like, but need to spend some more serious time on it. Not sure if I'll keep the vocals from the song, though I do like them.

- The bass at 0:36-1:28 sounds a little too happy right now. Maybe it's the notes, maybe it's the settings.

- Not sure if I'll keep the original vocals form 0:45-1:32, they were originally just a placeholder and sound messy and out of time, but I may fix that and use them.

- I need to find a better second drum layer at 0:59, it doesn't sound entirely good, plus I need to figure out how to fix the one that's already there.

- The relaxed section where the source tune changes is a bit of an eye of the storm kind of section that will have the first source come back even harder afterwards.

- I love these games.

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at about 0:46 you hear a major chord, D major. The bass plays D, while some arppegio track plays a broken D major chord. You can add some tense to it by letting it play a broken D7sus4...(D G A C) It will leave that question mark you create between 0:36 and 0:46, but will add more to the overall ambience on that moment. The vocals do sound a little bit out of place in my opinion, maybe cut the off before the end of the samples to give it a more glitchy/rhythmic effect, or reverb? Just a thought.

I love the change in feel at 0:59 and the break at 1:28! Awesome work man!

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First off, thank you for spelling out the D7sus4 for me, and for the feedback! I'm a little rusty with my theory at the moment :P 

Next, I'll see if I can't make something work alongside that bell pattern, because it is just a syncopated version of the pattern in Aura's Theme. I still need to play around with that D7sus4 for a bit to find a way to make it really click at that part.

I cut the beginning out of this recording because I want to wait to include it until it reaches what I want it to be. I also did some work on the vocals and cut them up to better fit the time at 0:47, though they still aren't perfect yet. But for this 'update' all that's different is just extending the whole song and adding some stuff to the more empty parts. Also there is about 30 seconds at the end which is just the foundation for the end section with no melodic or harmonic anything really. 

Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/killing-pepsi/hack-aura-forbidden-ground-remix-less-early-build

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You know, I really enjoyed the .hack series and there was some pretty gorgeous music in the OST. This track almost made me want to pick it up again ... before I remembered the 400+ hours I already clocked playing it through the first time.

This is beautiful. I'm not quite sure how I missed this before, but this is really awesome stuff. The instrumentation and percussion you added just complement all the vocals and the sound created is ... well, speaking in metaphor, it's a rich, elegant tapestry with made with an asymmetrical design that seems to make more sense when you look at the whole thing instead of the individual parts. Fuzzy and vague, I know, but that it what it sounds like to me.

I really don't have any suggestions to make this better that what I hear in the 'summer update.' Seriously, this is really a pleasure to listen to. Awesome work!

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