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Mashup - Street Fighter 3 + C&C Music Factory - Need Feedback!


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That was surprising!

Ehm...though it's pretty creative what you produced here, with certain chord-progressions you added, which gives it more interesting listening-material.
The problem I have with it, is the iconicness(not a word) of the original song. I would find this weird to hear in public. No offense to your work of course.
I would suggest to do the same you did here with a less Iconic song. It would give you more space in remixing it.

I did enjoy the remix though! It was nice listening to it.

Btw, covers are not claims, so I would think you wouldn't get in trouble with it right? We make covers over here all the time... Someone?

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If you mash up VGM with an original song, then if the original song is copyrighted, it is copyright infringement when the mashup has content substantially taken from the original and the mashup is commercially distributed, and still probably copyright infringement even for free distribution. It depends on whether the original's composer saw it and whether he/she acts on it. It's safer to just not distribute it.

In terms of OCR standards, when a mashup (or remix or whatever) has content (either musical or directly-ripped usually count) substantially taken from original non-VGM (like Metallica, Paramore, Slipknot, certain folk songs, other mainstream/classical songs, etc), it would be given a NO OVERRIDE.

Here is an example:


3. Acceptable Source Material

1. Submissions can arrange music from any video, computer, or arcade game, with the following qualifications:
  • The music must have actually been used in the game; a bonus track off a commercial game soundtrack does not qualify.
  • The music must have been composed specifically for the game or first published (or recognized) as the game's soundtrack. Movie themes such as Star Wars or licensed songs from games like Gran Turismo do not qualify.
  • Current exceptions: Portions of the Tetris soundtrack, containing Russian folk music and classical music, and portions of the Frogger soundtrack, containing Japanese nursery rhyme music.
  • Sound effects alone are not considered music, and submissions primarily consisting of them will not be accepted.
  • Games that are shareware, freeware, or personal projects may or may not be accepted at our discretion. We strongly recommend arranging music from commercial releases to avoid any problems.
2. Submissions incorporating more than one source are allowed, but are not given special consideration or leniency with regard to the submission standards.
  • Your submission will only be assigned to a single game in our database, regardless of how many games' music it contains.
  • Your submission must have a strong focus and direction. Medleys must sound like a single song, not multiple songs pasted together.
3. Any incorporation or arrangement of source material not from games (mainstream, classical, etc.) should be extremely limited.


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