Remix of Bach and Gerudo Valley from LoZ: Ocarina of Time

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to do a remix of some of Bach's music with Gerudo Valley in an interesting way. There are at least three different Bach works referenced here. I feel I need to rework the drums and rhythms at some places. Also, I'm still working out the ending, but I wanted to share it here.

Let me know what you think!




[ ] Too conservative - sticks too close to the source

[ ] Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing)

[ ] Too much direct sampling from original game audio

[ ] Borrows heavily from non-source material (eg. a theme from a movie)


[ ] Too loud

[ ] Too quiet

[ ] Low-quality samples

[ ] Unrealistic sequencing

[ ] Generic/cliche sound choices

[ ] Drums have no energy

[ ] Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics)

[ ] Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range)


[ ] Lacks coherence overall (no "flow")

[ ] Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough)

[ ] Pace too plodding

[ ] Too repetitive

[ ] Too short

[ ] Abrupt ending

PERSONAL COMMENTS (positive feedback, specifics on checklist criticisms, any other thoughts)





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Started out nice and soft, suddenly appeared the loud organ melody.
The arrangement sounds good. You might want to make the transitions between parts more obvious, the switch comes pretty sudden sometimes. And I'm missing a crash here and there with the drums.
Other than that, Good job man!

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Bach goes with everything! :D

To be honest, Gerudo Valley isn't my favourite OoT tune, but i like that you tried to do something different here. I'm glad you didn't use acoustic guitar and castanets :razz:

Nice concept, and i liked how you mixed the Gerudo parts with the Bach parts. Agreeing with T-Ape, the organ is a bit loud and pretty piercing in the high register.

I'm not sure if the use of non VGM is a problem here, but there seems to be more Gerudo than Bach, so i think it's good (but again, i'm not sure).

Mixing-wise, everything sounds a bit dry to me, especially at 0:49, i'd say you might add some reverb.

Yeah, definitely needs an ending.




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