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Super Mario Bros 64 DS- Psych Out(Cover by T-Ape)

T- Ape

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Hello OCR, Here's another cover. Jazz this time.
Worked on it longer than I wanted to. I have been practicing my guitar skill. It's going in the right direction, but I'm not there yet.(My drawing skills are also improving xD btw)
Feedback is always welcome(so are compliments:P)

Anyway, as always I won't be working on this one anymore. No idea what I'm going to do next actually...though I do have to spend time on school this week.

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Nice 5/4.

Such a warm mix, I like it.  Some notes:

- I think the piano is mixed too loudly in this.  It might sound better playing backup to the guitar.

- Drum samples are alright but they feel a little loopy.  Different change ups and fill would add some spice to this.

- You did just loop like a minute worth of material to 2 minutes, add something to the second minute (strings, pad, horns?, whatever)

Overall good stuff though

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Aye. Really nice tones and guitar playing, but the levels between the lead (guitar) and the backing (piano) is off, where the lead is not at the forefront of the mix.

If we're talking about OCR standards here, the arrangement is probably too short and too repetitive, there would need to be more of a definitive structure and some more expansion to your concept, but for a cover it sounds real nice and accomplishes its purpose. Nice stuff!

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I usually never comment on mixes, but this sounds really sick!


Just a few thoughts.

Compress lead guitar just a bit (1:7 or 2:0:0 ratio) and maybe (and I mean MAYBE) increase the level by very tiny bit (maybe)

Im not sure how you mixed the record, but maybe reduce the vol on the piano by 1 or 2db

Make bass a wee bit louder.

(its probably just me, but) Add a subtle room verb to the entire track. (the mix down in a spacial sense sounds really artificial/unnatural and awkward like everything was done in a different room.)

This seems a bit short for OCremix as said. Add an minute more of music, you could do something dramatic like a key change progression or build up, or something to flip the listeners heads. You had something going for a good transition where you ended.


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Thanks a lot for the feedback!

This one is short indeed. As I wrote, My guitar skills were a bit low. The extra loud piano is to cover up the sloppy mistakes I made on guitar hahaha. I'll check the bass though, I don't have problems with it's volume, but that's probably my speakers. About the drums, I'll look into that. I don't often write jazz, so I made a loop, but never added extra stuff to it.

I don't know when I'll work on it again, not very soon i think. But when I do, I'll check your feedback again.


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