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Battletoads - Behind the Music

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Battletoads (the NES version at least) was a pretty damn good looking and good sounding game for its time. Of course we have David Wise, and incredible composer in his own right, to thank for the sound. I wanted to share this because this video has David Wise talking about the process of how the Battletoads music had to be recorded, and the limitations he faced when composing music for the NES (such as how many notes David was limited to). And you also get to see him playing some Battletoads music on the piano at the end :D

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When I played Battletoads on the NES, the sounds were inspiring, and were very catchy. I find it a fun journey to see the composer bring those songs back to life, but in piano form makes it a whole new design. Even CellDweller improvised the theme song with David (incorporating his rocktronica / w Wise's sound design). It is a bold move to see a classic track return, and its composer still at it even today. I hope we might see Battletoads in a new form, to test our limits all over again. (and bring a slew of catchy songs too)

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