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Global Game Jam 2016


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Global Game Jam 2016 was January 29-31. I noticed on Facebook that @Fishy participated and shared his game. My friends and I also made a game over the weekend. You should check them both out!

Post here if you made a game, or post your comments of any Game Jam games you played! I'd love to see what OCR's favorites were! If any OCR members post here about their games from 2016, I can add them to the list.

Global Game Jam 2016 - OCR Representation:

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I was going to go to the one in Boston to mentor people and help them with their code because the company I work for was going to sponsor. But unfortunately I had to attend a funeral instead :sad:. I have a good amount of friends who went though. 


Also judging by this tweet (and his other recent ones) it looks like CarboHydroM participated as well.

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I participated in one too :D! 


It was at the Sanford-Brown College Las Vegas :). This is the second year I've done it, and it was the composer for some of the teams levels. 


This one's definitely one of my favorites, especially the dance they do when they catch you xD.



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Haha, so just for reference I use game jams as an opportunity to test my intermediate coding skills, while stretching the limits of taste with my buddy Doug (the voice of Necron in that FFIX mix). They're very very silly games, but we hope you get a laugh out of them.

Here's my 2015 entry, it's a 30 minute long Lucas-Arts style point-and-click where you have to blow up the world:


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