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Interesting, almost old-school sound to the whole thing. Not like NES-chiptune old-school, but more like old-school electronic music in general. There's a lot to like about it. The repeating portions of the track do grate after a short period, though - just too many stabbing notes going for too long, there. The NES (kind of) pulled it off since the notes were not as pronounced, though it was still kind of bad in the source. Some variation in the note velocities and/or volumes would add some much needed variety in this.

Overall it overwhelms you with a wall of sound, which doesn't leave much room for varying the sound space. You do good with what you got by dropping instruments and such, but I think you'll find it much easier to create an interesting track if you vary the volumes to a greater degree.


Not a bad track, though. I hope to hear more from you :)

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I agree with everything Gario said. The source riff is overpowering everything else, and everything else has a lot more subtlety than the riff. You could do a lot of interesting things to/with the riff! I liked the bit where it went away for a short while, it was cool when it came back.

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