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Bravely Second: End Layer


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And now it's April.  (Is raising a dead thread frowned upon around here if there's no active one?)  Totes need to rebuild another town and stuff, I guess?  If you don't have enough minions, add me: 4399-0814-0577.

EDIT: I guess I forgot how the game works and friends don't become town minions.  But if you need someone for the ability link in a week or two, add meh.  (Gotta crush the demo first 'cause 100%.)

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Finally opened my special edition the other day. The art book is actually really cool. It's full size this time. I'm about 8 hours in now. Still relatively early, but I'm loving it. Friend Code is 3050 7587 3777. I added Callas. Anyone else want to be friends just let me know. I never finished BD, but I have a feeling I will finish this one. My favorite part is how easy and painless grinding is now. You can set your attacks to auto execute and then encounters to +100% and stand right next to the Adventurer that will heal your whole party. It's awesome. Also love how you can primarily fight just using your left hand with the D-pad and left trigger to confirm choices.

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