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  1. Ten Carat Hill, IIRC. You'll need your first Ride Pokemon from the story to access it, but it's on the first island.
  2. And now it's April. (Is raising a dead thread frowned upon around here if there's no active one?) Totes need to rebuild another town and stuff, I guess? If you don't have enough minions, add me: 4399-0814-0577. EDIT: I guess I forgot how the game works and friends don't become town minions. But if you need someone for the ability link in a week or two, add meh. (Gotta crush the demo first 'cause 100%.)
  3. Holy hell. I recognized melody's handle from several other remixes, particularly elegy of the solipsist, but I wasn't prepared at all for the level of excellence in this one. I don't have the musical chops to describe why it's awesome but it's certainly not subtle about it.
  4. Didn't even know about this connection when listening, but definitely noticed some similarities. Terrific album. All the singers have great performances and the English lyrics are well-fitted to the material and the music. I should have recognized Shigihara's enunciation before reading the credits. Thematically conservative; no transplanting of originally tender arias into rowdy square dance rhythms, for example, but I love it that way. Never enough room for all the greatest hits on these albums, but if you hit a couple old chestnuts like Schala and Zeal, you could fill the rest of the disc with bleating goats and I'd consider it a good buy. Standout track is "On The Other Side", which when paired with Shigihara's earnest vocals comes across as bittersweet as a lover departing for the war in an old black-and-white movie.
  5. Another shameless bump for the Xenogears stretch goal. (I swear I am not affiliated in any way with the artist, just very excited.) When I think of pairing up the Xenogears EP with Humans + Gears, well, my heart does some wonderful but medically-concerning things. Two thousand bucks to go, less than two weeks. Hope this hasn't flown under anyone's radar here on OCR; I need my Mitsuda fix...
  6. On the front page, under "ReMix Comments" there's a text encoding mismatch for: EarthBound 'Dialima tu Kafé' Chrome says the HTTP response's Content-Type doesn't have a charset but the HTML does as UTF-8, so I'm guessing some server-side content generator is just messing up the text encoding. It believes the charset it's reading with is ISO-8859-1, and is helpfully transforming it to UTF-8. However, the charset was already UTF-8...
  7. Just came back to check on the KS. Crystalis medley stretch goal? Someone else knows about Crystalis? SUCH HYPE. And it's already funded. Going back to sleep now, the day can't get any better.
  8. It was a joke on my part, not a complaint; I forgot the smiley and the </joke> tag. Nothing wrong with drumming up a little interest in "what might be". Lots of business promises never get fulfilled despite best intentions (some of them are never even intended to be fulfilled - personal experience in the software industry) and that's just the way it could go. We can still hope for clear skies and smooth sailing while planning for rougher weather.
  9. Frankly, there's a lot of good fan music (orchestrated and otherwise) for all these games; it's not like they're obscure cult favorites. But every time "Orphan" plays in particular, my imagination goes nuts threading together a montage of Metroid history to fit with the music. I don't want to sound trite, but in that sense many of MC's tracks are "more than just music." So regardless of the game's popularity or musical fandom, I have extra excitement for your work. I'll tide myself over between releases with missed gems such as Corrupted Souls, which I was unaware of until I revisited the Kickstarter page just now.
  10. Well this is a no-brainer. Metroid Cinematica was on repeat for about a week straight at release, and last played was... oh, yesterday. What a coincidence. Anyway, pledged, looking forward to the release, and how dare you tease me with promises of Zelda and Final Fantasy albums so far in advance?
  11. Added Sir Nuts. 4399-0814-0577 Bought a 3DS for this game and have barely turned it off in the last two weeks. The story-lover in me says "meh" and the completionist screams "YEAH!" Won't be long until everyone has all max-level jobs and I can get around to beating the game...
  12. Wasn't wasted time at all for me. Reminded me very strongly of the opening minutes of the Secret Of Mana+ album/track, and also of Ruined World. Not bad company to keep.
  13. TL:DR; if you are interested in a single-player and/or story-driven game, SWTOR honestly offers about two of them (your choice of class for each of Republic and Empire). There are six more available but they get bogged down in the repetition of traditionally grindy MMO content. I played SWTOR at release for about 3 months, and another 3 after they went free-to-play. The storylines for each character are good to great. The biggest problem there is that they amount to maybe 10-20% of your experience while playing, and the other 80-90% is shared with every other class on your faction. That means if you play a Smuggler, you get a fantastic experience until you finish your story. If you then play a Jedi Knight, you are desperate for each crumb of new story as you wade through the 80+% of the game you already played as a Smuggler. Playing a Sith Warrior might help somewhat, since although the planets are the same terrain they're not the same game for both factions. But even then, the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight are the exact same class (only the spell icons and names have been changed to protect the Lore™), and so you'd be playing the same game but getting a slightly different story. The whole game (as you're leveling) is sadly set up to offer less and less interest as you play more and more. I do recommend subscribing as long as you're actively playing the game. Just be careful not to be every company's favorite player - the one that pays but doesn't play.
  14. Careful what you wish for. Remember the gaming era we are in. "Lieutenant, as the second Death Star's engineers are doubling their efforts and their budget, our fighter wings have not received their traditional funding. All craft are now equipped with a functional but unbecoming pair of laser cannons and four missles. Individual pilots will now personally ensure their craft is outfitted with armaments befitting the operation and the might of our glorious Empire, by purchasing weapons and advanced systems with their own TIE Fighter Points." Quad-lasers (99 TFP) Ion cannons (149 TFP) Proton torpedos (2 ea., 29 TFP) TIE Defender hull, cosmetic upgrade (599 TFP) "As a final note, again due to the lack of resources outside of the Planetary Destruction division, even these purchases will break down between missions and need to be replaced. Good flying, Lieutenant."
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