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OCR03311 - Final Fantasy IV "Stepping Out"


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When I close my eyes and listen to the beginning, I feel like I'm zooming through cloudy, windy skies, passing all kinds of scenery below. To that I say: smart choice of expansive, airy synths to start.

Once things get going, we're treated to two things: 1) percussive patterns dutifully filling out nuances in the rapid beat and 2) gliding leads playing at a fraction of the former's speed (the one at 1:26 = gorgeous). It's like the mix is playing two songs at once and giving me a choice to dance to either one (or both).

3:09-3:10 - Ha ha, I love how things pick up again after the fake ending - it's like when you wake up and crash-scramble out of bed when you're late for school or work or something.

I notice there's a tendency to rearrange tails of melodic passages, like at the following parts (all of which I appreciate):
- 1:43-1:44 (reversing the notes just played like it's returning to a musical tonic)
- 2:03 and 4:25 (a lower note than normal feels melancholic/at peace)
- 2:31 (adds to the reflective tone at play)
- 3:46-3:48 (ooh, it's got a smidge of attitude going there)

My only gripe is the very beginning sounds slightly cut off. But it's quickly forgotten as I'm swept away.

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An interesting effort here, where I feel the melody is secondary to the delivery. I'll echo a few other posters here by saying that I'm impressed with how the track really picks up once the melody comes in after the first minute, but the soul of this remix is in the delivery of the notes and themes. I found myself interested and could tell a lot of effort was put into the specific type of sound that was being created here. Well done!

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