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  1. What a perfect voice/vocal performance for this interpretation of the song. Extra props for the intriguing, thoughtful lyrics - getting the context of where in the game this occurs is clutch. Man, what an enjoyable song!
  2. I just came upon this and it's mind-boggling! I can't believe this is all live! I'm seriously impressed and am now checking out a number of the involved who I didn't know until this moment. Thanks for posting!
  3. An incredible vibe here, and one that really just sucked me in and took me away. I say this without a powerful original connection the source, which only impresses me further. Incredibly atmospheric and personal. Gorgeous.
  4. Friggin' face-melting, I love what the remixer did here. To take one of the lesser Sonic songs and amplify all its best qualities while still pulling off all kinds of original interpretation is seriously impressive. I love how every minute of this song gets better than the last. There are some truly wonderful stretches in here, and the symphonic/speed metal elements come through in spades. The middle solos, the ability to hold on to the melody through everything that's going on... an instant download here. GREAT job!!!!
  5. Flabbergasting. Ear-catching. A must listen, and I don't know what to even rate it! But man, this remix just oozes style. Everything about this kept surprising me.
  6. Oh man, this turns the dial ALL the way up on the funk. The feel/sound is so wildly different from the source tune that I applaud the remixer's ability to stay with the normal flow of the piece - not a lot of unique solos are needed to make sections like 1:00-1:20 and 1:52-2:22 really hop. It's like a saxophonist dream mixed with the most fun walk through a woods section I've ever heard. The 3:11 fake ending really threw me, btw. Well done here!!
  7. I'm sure more people will leave comments on the album itself, but I wanted to take a special moment to this song - a beautiful rendition in a unique style. I honestly wasn't sure it would work, but all fears were swept away, and by 1:45-2:45 I was totally blown away by the power of the harmonized lyrics and the wonderful instrumental section afterwards. Clear vocal talent and wonderful instrumentation arrangement (3:46+ really comes to mind) brings it home. A thoughtful, unique take that does honor to the original - congratulations to all!!
  8. A gorgeous handling and delivery!! I am not the best or most experienced musical aficionado, but even I can hear the quality of the instrumentation and the personal touch on the delivery. Man, this remix never gets boring - different sections, different moods, different points of emphasis, all tied together by what seems to be a very specific goal. I could basically imagine a conductor asking for more or less from different sections as the mood/sound struck him... and by all accounts, that seems to be what's happened here! Major props to the instrumentalists, and to the remix!
  9. Man, I didn't even play this game and I'm loving the handling of this tune. There really aren't enough solemn, melancholy and/or pensive remixes out there. 1:19-1:51 in particular is super enjoyable as the play between the two main lines is engaging and meaningful. WELL DONE by all the remixers who helped contribute here!!
  10. Oh man, this frickin' rocks. It's so clean - the drums and handle of the melody is so beautifully clear and perfectly matched. You can't listen to this and not feel triumphant and battle ready. Special props for the beautiful transition section at 2:15-2:35, which totally nails the section without sacrificing an ounce of energy. Crisp and sharp as your favorite knife.
  11. Talk about a song whose depth is greater than its surface!! I really like how the song establishes the melody before letting it become the throughline and quietly bringing your attention to the creative and thoughtful ambience. Give this until 2:15 at least and just listen to what's going around the main chord walk - the more I listened the more I was impressed. Bonus points for the perfect introspective feel; it's like I'm sitting in a high tower on a rainy day, looking out the window. Evocative piece!
  12. Black Doom nailed it. Perfect description. I've loved this mix for many years. Thanks so much to the remixer for creating it.
  13. Gorgeous and thoughtful. If you want a remixer to imbue a piece with powerful emotion and a range of feeling, this is the remixer you want. Wow.
  14. Touch-perfect, and the choices of accompanying instrumentation play right into the remixer's strengths. A full and emotional piece without being over-earnest; the rise into 3:01+ feels natural and allows for the calming finish. Frankly, it sounds so naturally a lullaby that I'm hard-pressed to remember it wasn't originally - I think that's a sign of a job well done!
  15. Man, do we need more pieces like this! An exploring, wide-ranged take on some of the core FF X themes that turns this into a remix that alternate depth with some moments of looking the storm in the eye and being unafraid in the gathering winds, then sitting down after and contemplating how you're still here. SUPER props for both the opening and closing, which carry all the feels. More pieces need to explore this kind of emotional range. A definite download!!
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