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  1. Touch-perfect, and the choices of accompanying instrumentation play right into the remixer's strengths. A full and emotional piece without being over-earnest; the rise into 3:01+ feels natural and allows for the calming finish. Frankly, it sounds so naturally a lullaby that I'm hard-pressed to remember it wasn't originally - I think that's a sign of a job well done!
  2. Man, do we need more pieces like this! An exploring, wide-ranged take on some of the core FF X themes that turns this into a remix that alternate depth with some moments of looking the storm in the eye and being unafraid in the gathering winds, then sitting down after and contemplating how you're still here. SUPER props for both the opening and closing, which carry all the feels. More pieces need to explore this kind of emotional range. A definite download!!
  3. DimeTower

    OCR03816 - Mega Man 3 "Envenomation"

    I liked this! It's sort of a sinuous take, where I'm not overwhelmed or thrown too much but the beat is solid and the changeups crisp. Man did I love the snake noises throughout.
  4. Alarming and uncommon!! Oh my goodness, come and stay for at least 1:15-1:30, where the moody sax and instrumentation overlay really starts hitting home and the mix continues to wind and groan through the dark world. The whole mood is almost an ache, like a slightly painful stagger through a dark alley. I was a little thrown off at the drum sequence 2:15+, but realized what the remixer was going for as it continued to slowly make its way. Bonus points for the beautiful and light wind ending. Excellently done!
  5. DimeTower

    OCR03810 - Mega Man 2 "Made of Metal"

    Look out here - this remix just overflows with goodness, and tons of ways to catch your attention and deliver across all kinds of effects. But it's not a one-trick pony; I really love the variations in both sound and mood here, with 2:35-3:00 being an excellent example of how divergent this remix can get. Intriguing and interesting - really an impressive piece here!
  6. Wow. Since I was not one of the fortunate ones to experience Seiken Densetsu 3 as I should have (my love of the series is based on the very first entry), I can't hope to bring to this the kind of knowledge and love worthy of the dedication that everyone put into it, but I just know that this song is gorgeous, and the handling superb. I loved the story about it! Man, just wonderful. On a larger note, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who contributed to this dream of an album, and double for those who never let it die. Be proud - your sacrifice was not in vain. Klnka Imra Miryon Tin Qua Miracles occur sometimes!
  7. Hot damn, this take is EXCELLENT. I love the way the speed/thrash metal elements are interconnected with quieter and interesting transitions! This just gets more interesting as it goes along. For someone who always thought this was an excellent source, I am both amazed and impressed that you could take this in such a direction and still hold totally true to the source - wow!! Instant download. So many props. P.S. 3:52+'s transition into the finale - FRIGGIN' A.
  8. This is really, really good! This remix absolutely dances up, down, and through the original arrangement and somehow makes an entire remix of flourishes, adjustments, and improvisations into something that is simultaneously true to the source and so different all at the same time. SUPER impressed this was pulled off as a piano solo. Bonus points for the different tempo ending and the gorgeous trail... phew! What a performance!
  9. DimeTower

    OCR03771 - Final Fantasy X "Revelation"

    Holy crap. All the feels. Man does this hit hard! I was downloading by 1:53. Triforce Quartet 1, Remixers holding onto their emotions, 0.
  10. The handling of sound in this remix is phenomenal. And I really mean it - this was critical to nail the overall feel of the piece, and as someone who also has not just memories, but my literal favorite memory of the game being spending time in the Ice Forest with this song (and those wolves' XP!), I had extremely high hopes for this effort. It did not disappoint. Bonus props for maintaining the original feel and providing an evolved form that still doesn't totally lose that magical, shimmery reflectiveness of the original. What a beautiful walk through the woods.
  11. Damn, I couldn't have said it any better than Somewareman. Ditto that x10 - what a bright spot (in a Dark Soul!) to have your series of remixes. Even the ones that weren't my favorites were quality, and you could sense all of them were handled with care/passion by the remixer. Thanks a ton for letting this rest with such a finish. A truly impressive resume that I hope you rest proudly upon.
  12. What an intriguing take! Man, this just gains steam as it goes along. 100% leave your volume up on this one - you'll pick up all kinds of fun mix-and-match elements, particularly in 1:35-2:05. I think the remixer made the perfect call on the length, FWIW. Well done!!
  13. Gutsy! Reaching! Frickin' rocking, and I love the middle section's handling of the interweaving sections. It's like I'm getting dual-whipped by Castlevania goodness the entire time. Grab your stake and raise your whip - this does great justice with a take that needed to be really nailed to avoid falling down an endless precipice, and you nailed the jump. I swear I didn't mean to make this all full of Castlevania references. Damn impressive, guys.
  14. Wow, is this phenomenal. What a wonderful, inventive handling. My favorite part has to be 3:05-3:35, which shows downright masterful control and touch. I hear the John Williams analogies and they make sense, but at the same time I don't want to denigrate (how about that?!) this piece by merely saying it was in his fashion - this had touch and design far beyond a mere style parody. Good heavens was this impressive.
  15. DimeTower

    OCR03767 - Mega Man 3 "Snake Buster"

    A two-fer dip into some fantastic handling of core source material - really impressed to see this group extract this much fun and rocking out of these two themes. Transitions were crisp bordering on amazing (2:50-3:03 being the best example), and there's multiple sections of unique solos that aren't just random riffing but seem to be a natural extension of the core theme. A must for anyone who enjoys metal and/or Mega Man! Great job!!