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  1. Thanks for the review! Very nice to hear such feedback. :) It was fun to hear it was surprising and stayed enjoyable!

  2. Man, I didn't know the source but I am digging the hardcore chip rework of this song! Every time I think I know where this is going it changes up on me. Man, was this fun. Really enjoyed this remix!!
  3. Holy crudmuffins, this remix is just oozing vibrancy and life, particularly from 1:28 or so on - every note and adjustment seems so important and focused. I absolutely love the interplay of the different instruments - the remixer just crushes the delicate balancing act of harder and softer pulls on the source. Lindsey Stirling was a great analogy; it's sometimes catchy, sometimes beautiful, and all-around unique. Well done.
  4. DimeTower

    OCR03722 - Mega Man X2 & X1 "X's Demise"

    Wonderful work with the piano here. Gorgeous and flowing. Man did I enjoy this journey. And wow, that ending...
  5. Honestly this may be one of the greatest efforts I've ever seen. To take this in such a fun, bonkers direction... What an incredible accomplishment. Mad, mad (emphasis on mad) props. Literally can't get over how good this ended up being.
  6. DimeTower

    OCR03719 - Mass Effect "One Small Step"

    Wow!! This is really unique and awesome - I love the fact that all this emotion and feel is packed into a song that basically has less than 20 words of lyrics. It lets the words become almost another instrument, one with dark undercurrents but an ultimate destination, like a dangerous journey through space that still has a steady eye on a distant star. SUPER props for the walkdown at the end - a perfect way to ease out. Special, distinct, unique. This remix crushed it!
  7. DimeTower

    OCR03714 - Jeanne d'Arc "Sword of God"

    Excellent stuff here!! I admit that I am one of the heathens that isn't familiar with the source (though I'm liking the description), but I don't think you need to know the source at all to be caught up in all the goodness of this remix. I really enjoy the transitions here (such as 1:25-1:35) and the solo sections are arresting (particularly 3:10+ is bananas!). But my favorite thing of this remix is the way the heavier guitar mixes with the quieter throughline. It gives a real feel of depth and touch and allows this piece to shine beyond just having some nice sections. Special props for the 5:05+ quieting finish - the perfect way to go out, in my opinion! A surprise gem here!
  8. This isn't my style, but I can at least appreciate the care the remixer put into the overall sound - it's executed well from start to finish. Nice work.
  9. Wow, this is just wonderful. This takes what is already a nice, interesting piece and makes it into a practical suite. The handling of 1:05-2:32 has such power, and then 2:33 on changes it into such an amazing, delicate touch! In short, this really explores the piece and delivers a top-notch handling of a less common piece. I'm really, really impressed by the quality of the remix here - well done!!
  10. Intriguing! This mix seems pretty simple and beautiful until you get to about 2 minutes, where there's some really nice concepts and beautiful floating sections, the kind that really bring out the best in the interweaving feel. Zelda purity with a touch of something ethereal - well done!
  11. I am 100% behind this effort! Holy CRUDMUFFINS, this remixer went out there on a limb and CRUSHED it. Honestly, I find the crazy juxtaposition of the chiptunes and screamed vocals to be a really wild experience - and doubly so with the choice of source! This song really adjusts as it goes along too. I hope people give something so outside the norm a fair shot, because damn, this is an impressive concoction in both the idea and the delivery! Thanks to the remixer for such an effort! P.S. Really appreciated the lyrics clarification - I'm not so well versed on that type of metal that I can pick that all out.
  12. DimeTower

    OCR03694 - Undertale "The Spectral Mire"

    My god it's like a symphonic metal remix!!! Wow!! The scope is near-grandiose and the delivery is perfect, with serious props going to the arrangement - it's unique, deeply moving, and just takes you for a dark journey. Wow. This stands out for me as a truly next-level piece.
  13. Wow, I don't know the original source well but I am DIGGING this arrangement - the adjustments and tone are wonderfully interwoven and the overarching mood seems like something out of Stranger Things, which I understand as intentional and this just crushes it. Wonderful sections at 1:45, an intriguing transition at 3:03 and liberal use of... everything... means there's something for everyone! Special props for the walkback in the final minute - I thought it put a great cap on it. If you want a unique sound and something better than the normal fare, you've got an instant download here!
  14. DimeTower

    OCR03691 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Aquapump"

    Guitar lovers, you've found your vibe. This is straight Sonic rock, and well done at both the interpretation as well as the overall sound - it's like something right out of a Sonic set of extra levels for those players hardcore enough to earn a particularly difficult and rocking version of the Hydrocity zone. Well done!
  15. DimeTower

    OCR03688 - Final Fantasy VI "Terra's Love"

    "Delicate" is the perfect way to describe this track: 2:45-3:05 is just a wonderful tiptoe through the theme, and the care and love this theme is handled with does justice to someone who knows her Terra backstory. Thoughtful, intricate, stellar job here. Man, loving these submissions.