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    Windsor, Ontario
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    Physical and Electronic Music, Interactive media, Creative Programming

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    I am a classically trained musician who loves to compose and produce music. My strength is also my weakness, versatility. I love analysing and breaking down textures, but I have difficulty sticking to just one style of writing.
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    David Bergeron
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    Music Teacher

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    3. Very Interested
  • Software - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
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    Classically trained guitarist, Shred metal devotee

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  1. Love your work!

    I covered one of your tracks.

    Hard stuff man,

    1. Sixto


      Great stuff! Willrock actually linked me to this a few days ago.

  2. timaeus222 always does an amazing job. Really enjoyed it.
  3. The is really well done, super tasty. You made some really smart decisions with the mix and instrument placement. Top notch voice leading and arrangement.
  4. Good stuff, the mix was tight. I would have liked to hear some more dramatic changes throughout the tune. It felt like the piece stayed the same volume the whole remix.
  5. NIce feel, the loose rhythm feels refreshing in a sea or perfectly synced remixes.
  6. Good stuff, Would have loved some more presence to the bass line. The slaps are not bad, but on one pitch most of the time.
  7. Respect. Great jobs, nailed the 80s chords and bell tones. The reverb is just right, not to much.
  8. Even though I am not a huge fan of dubstep I respect this track. Good job
  9. Really nice playing. There are definitely some classical elements used through out, but next time I think more could be explored. Imagine using an altered "B theme" as a counter subject to the "A theme". It would involve some crazy chops and counterpoint, but it would be really rad!
  10. Very Cool. The lead guitar in the beginning sounds fake? could be wrong
  11. Love the Funk! Really cool transitions into the really contrasting sections.
  12. Everything in this remix is very effective. I love the mix of textures the voice was placed tastefully.
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