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Mr. Nobody - Roxas Theme Remix


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Hi, here is my remix of the Roxas Theme from the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game for PS2. My second ever mix originally done on Sony Acid. Unfortunately I lost the ACID DAW file with the actual arrangements so I can't actually make any changes besides filters and what not. If anyone is good at manipulating filters and gates and have a way to make the sound better please leave any comments and thoughts.  If you think it sound fine the way it is thank you too.




My Mix


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An OCReMix can't "include any sampled audio (...) from material owned by Square Enix or its subsidiaries" as per the submission standards. Your track seems to be the original, with a delay and some filtering, and some drums and things. If that's the case, then if you submitted this and it made it to the panel, you'd get a NO, OVERRIDE vote.

If it wasn't an issue with the Square-specific audio usage, you'd still get a NO. There's abrupt transitions, issues with repetition, some weird structural decisions, the B part of the remix is difficult to trace to source, there's clipping or other unpleasant distortions on the drums, the elements aren't effectively separated and the whole mix is therefor muddy and not as clear as it should be. It's also interesting, as I can hear that you've worked with quite few techniques and done something creative with them and the source material.

Because it's your "second mix ever", I'm surprised it's not terrible. My second mix ever was terrible. Most people's second mix ever probably is. It seems you're just using the sampled audio in different ways, plus some loops from somewhere, creatively.

It takes about two years for people to get a mix approved and posted on this site, more or less, depending on experience, resources, knowledge, spare time, talent, and a lot of other things.  You're off to a good start. Some of that time is spent just understanding what an OCReMix is, and what you need to improve in order to make one. In your case, I suggest you look into working with virtual instruments. I know your other post here mentioned synths, so I'm looking forward to hearing that.

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