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In the interest of making the forums easier to sign up for and more accessible to everyone, we've made some changes to registration.

In the past, we've had it so that new accounts had to be manually vetted and activated; this was to avoid spam accounts and the like. This worked, but a side-effect was that new members couldn't engage in the community immediately and would become discouraged from participating.

To move forward, we've done the following things:

  • Updated our manual registration form to use the latest reCAPTCHA. This is to help fight spam accounts.
  • Removed administrator approval from the registration process. New members will be able to post immediately following email verification.
  • Enabled new members to register using their social media accounts. New members can now use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to register.

If you're already registered for the forums, you can link your existing forum account to any/all of your social media accounts by going to your Account Settings and clicking the relevant links. Once you do so, you'll be able to use your social media account to sign-in, as opposed to a traditional username/password sign-in.

If you have any friends who are interested in OC ReMix but haven't joined the forums, get 'em over here and get 'em involved! Between album projects, competitions, and gaming discussions, there's a lot to do here.

If you run into any registration or account linking issues, please let us know right here in this thread. Thanks!

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