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MnP 53: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders


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  • Kat got 1st with 18 points.
  • Trism got 2nd with 11 points
  • HoboKa got 3rd with 10 points.  OTOCON WHY!!!??   METAL GEEEAAAARRRRRRR...oops wrong game.
  • messire_Cookie & Chalis tied for 4th with 6 points.  Last but certainly not least, good effort guys :) 

Kat please pm me the source for round 54!!!  


Wow Kat you land-slided us in the votes AND production departments, good job dood.  Decent tracks all around.  Lots of participation and 6 votes!  I had fun making my track too.  

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4 hours ago, Kat said:

Oh snap, thought you had this one hoboKa. I was worried mine was too mechanical. Gotta think of a source now.

Well you never know, your take wasn't too shabby either.  Mechanical shmichanical.  Who gives a crap at the compo scene lol.  

Naturally, everyone prob voted me last, just to spite me.  You bastards T_T JUST KIDDING DON'T SHOOT ME WAAAAHHhhhh - actually please do.  


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22 hours ago, Brandon Strader said:

Everyone did a great job :D If you pick a nice melodic song with vocals I may enter again ^_^ Really looking to get away from metal stuff right now

Here's a modern game for you to remix Brandon lol.  Next round is up!!!


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