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I spent a few weeks here and there working on it, and this is the first time I tried to film myself during the creation process. I had the hardest time trying keep my guitar sound consistent, and sadly had to compromise with a buzzing in it here and there. I hope you guys enjoy it.


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The warbly synth adds a very funky vibe to what is otherwise close in instrumentation to the original. Makes me think of world/western music meets Emerson Lake and Palmer. That said, the style is not exactly clear. Not that it doesn't work, it is just a bit confusing. When you posted "rock-ish" I was expecting an electric guitar solo.

The guitar needs to be brought forward which should help with percussion. Also, while I like the piano ending, it might make a good middle section to change the tempo. I would suggest overlaying that synth too as a transition back to the upbeat style.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of the Wind Waker, so I'm happy to see someone tackle Dragon Roost Island. Nice work!

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I've always loved Dragon Roost Island for its mix of playful spirit and more serious tone, and I think your piece here expands on that nicely. That said, while such variety in the instruments is fun and interesting, sometimes it's a bit jarring. Not necessarily an issue! I think that works especially well at the end when things get somber on the piano. Where it's most jumpy is when you introduce the shaky synth - it feels slightly out of place but also sticks in my memory.

Also, without the fast strumming (triplets? I'm not the best with technical stuff) in the original, I think it can sound too predictable or steady. Your rhythm is so even and steady that I think you miss out on some of the fun. Just a little bit of looseness with the beat might liven up the whole track!

Overall a fresh interpretation of one of my favorites! Great job.


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