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Pokémon OR/AS - Route 113 Remix

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Nothing since April? Wow. We ought to get this board in gear. Everyone comment on something that doesn't have many comment, pronto!

This might be a little overly EQd, a bit too in-your-face for something that's otherwise rather chill. I'm no fan of the choice of bass, but I've never quite liked that type of bass anyway, so it's not this track's problem, really. I'm a sucker for a nice 6/8 track. There's some really cool melodies and sound design elements in here. Cool stuff, dude.

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Hm, the drums seem disconnected from the ambient soundscape because they're rather upfront. I'm also not sure why, but the background just seems to smear together; the bells are maybe just too thin to be distinct with that amount of reverb present. At about 3:18, the bells get pretty loud though, so there's no problem hearing them then, but at that point it would have been more appropriate to change up the soundscape, IMO.

Overall, nice ideas, and I love Pokemon, but I would have liked the soundscape to have had its textures change, and the drums felt too upfront.

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I agree, the drums are a little too front and center, I think they need to be mixed a little better into the track, the bass and snare sounds mostly are what stand out. Also agree that things generally sound pretty muddled, and the volume jumps up for no apparent reason most of the way through. While this helped the drums feel a little better mixed in it has the side effect of making the backing track disappear. It also makes everything feel unfinished.

I agree, rather than the volume jump I think it would be better to make a change there for the rest of the song, maybe another instrument or two added into the mix to boost whats there already with a slight change to the drum line to mix up the feel.

I do like the song, is very relaxed and mellow, the rhythm is perfect and aside from the few things already pointed out is written very well

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