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Hey, you can go ahead and add me on the first post if it's still being updated: Nutritious#1973

I don't get to play a whole lot (this is basically the only thing I DO play when I have a few minutes before bed :)), but I'd be happy to hit a few quick plays or something once in a while.  I've been diamond the last couple seasons, but stopped playing Comp when they changed the rank decay to 7 matches a week.  Since it's pretty much impossible for me to do that on a weekly basis, I'll never rank past 3K anyway.

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It's really fun. I like how it's more than just a defend-the-door horde mode that Junkenstein was (thought Junkenstein was really awesome).

A good Widowmaker on Shrine will die against a team of good everyone else You're continually using skill as a way to try and shift the conversation of the viability of the character, when that's

I lol'd pretty hard at this  

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